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Microsoft Ready to Turn Advertising Upside Down

*Microsoft is “just scratching the surface” of what’s coming in digital advertising, said CEO Steve Ballmer. He spoke at Imagine 2011, the company’s advertising and marketing thought leadership conference.*

REDMOND, Wash. – March 31, 2011 – While Microsoft Advertising was busy on Wednesday helping T-Mobile stream a live Ellie Goulding concert across three screens, a first for both companies, CEO Steve Ballmer was thinking of the next big opportunity in advertising.

Microsoft has “a deep drive, commitment, and a lot of great work going on in all of our great brands to let our clients and consumers take advantage of the next generation of technology,” said Ballmer, speaking Wednesday at Microsoft’s Imagine 2011 marketing leadership summit. (more…)

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Windows Phone 7 Takes Aim at Bad Phone Design

*Windows Phone 7 goes on sale today at AT&T and T-Mobile stores throughout the United States. The phone takes a new approach to smartphone design, hopefully addressing some of the “Bad Mobile Phone Behavior” called out in a new survey released today.* 

REDMOND, Wash. – Nov. 8, 2010 – The mobile phone, like the craftiest of invasive species, knows no boundaries. It has crept into every inch of our lives, and spotting one in the bathroom or the bedroom can only elicit a weary response: “Really?” 

According to a new survey released today, the answer across the country is a resounding – if resigned – “Yes.”  (more…)

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