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Massive Fraud Charge Against Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and former President Balwani

Statement from SEC reads: „The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Silicon Valley-based private company Theranos Inc., its founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, and its former President Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani with raising more than $700 million from investors through an elaborate, years-long fraud in which they exaggerated or made false statements about the company’s technology, business, and financial performance.“ (more…)

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Rian Buckley and Fitcode help women find jeans that fit through data and technology

The “a-ha!” moment came during one of her many modeling shoots, when Rian Buckley often wore clothes that were pinned, clipped and altered to fit her body shape. She saw repeatedly how the same clothes —  jeans in particular — can look drastically different on two models with the same clothing size. And she spent a lot of time listening to e-commerce retailers complain of lost revenue from returned clothing, especially denim, that didn’t fit. (more…)

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It’s time for the Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes to step down

That will be a respectful decision. Believe me.

I was always wondering about Elizabeth Holmes, and admiration, of course, I had for all what she achieved through her work: a blood-testing technology which is fast and comfortable than the tradional long-needle, founding of Theranos, then a rank in Forbes list. All within 30. That’s marvellous. A big woooow. Itelligent, hard- working and ambitious. And of course, very gifted and lucky. That’s how all my thoughts swirled around the founder of Theranos. (more…)

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Student Spotlight: Yale entrepreneur hopes to instill confidence in young scientists

It’s the first day of school in a brand new city for Ava Margaret Avignoli, and something strange is going on.

The third-grader notices muddy footprints that lead to a secret door in the back of Corridor C. Ava decides to figure out what’s going on, and her pursuit involves asking some pointed questions, conducting science experiments, and putting together a bunch of clues. She does so wearing colorful rhinestone-studded lab goggles and a multi-colored, patterned lab coat. (more…)

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Revolutionary nuclear radiation detector hits the market

ANN ARBOR — A handheld radiation camera developed by University of Michigan engineering researchers offers nuclear plant operators a faster way to find potentially dangerous hot spots and leaky fuel rods.

The new ‘Polaris-H’ detector lays a gamma-ray map over an image of a room, pinpointing radiation sources with unprecedented precision. At least four U.S. nuclear power plants are using versions of the camera, which is now available commercially through the U-M spinoff company H3D. (more…)

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Undergraduate women in physics find strength in numbers

Prof. Young-Kee Kim leads conference for aspiring female scientists

On a mid-January Friday night, Savannah Thais stood at the podium in International House’s Assembly Hall and shared some of her experiences as a female student in physics. She described the refusal of some male students to work with her, the difficulty in finding a female professor or mentor in math or physics, and the common message from adults that “I can’t be ‘girly’ and good at physics.” (more…)

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