Verge (XVG) needs a CEO, a paid one.

Even Wikipedia, the open source encyclopedia has a CEO.

Justin Vendetta is the lead Verge developer and in fact, till to-date the main ‘face of Verge’.

A CEO truely represents his/her company. A developer or member of the marketing team, working ‘free’ in his/her free time makes a very weak ‘representative’.

Verge should now stand out of the crowd and shrugg-off all the bad publicity it got till now.

In a recent tweet Mihael (@mihael_xvg), Verge core team member wrote: „Verge Currency is a 100% open-source project, and the global Verge Community represents the manpower driving it forward.“

Look, Wikipedia is also an open source encyclopedia and any one form any corner of the Earth can contribute and edit the info there, but even Wikipedia has a CEO. A paid one.

Like Wikipedia, Verge can always remain open-source development project: decentralised but ‘organised’. An organisational structure needs to be formed keeping a CEO at the center.

The current problem is: CryptoRekt and many of Verge’s core team members who work ‘free’ for Verge, are now engaged with TokenPay. As they work free, so they have less responsibilty and not 100% concentrated to the project. And no one can argue them pointing to any ‘obligation’. They are literally free from any obligation and may decide to work for other cryto projects, which is ironically suicidal. Samsung uses Google’s Android OS, a kind of partnership, but both the companies have their own structure and team: developers and marketing. But none of their employees go to work for the development of other one’s ‘product’. As they are employed, they are bound to work only for their respective companies.

XVG is the ‘product’ of Vergecurrency project. The team should concentrate to develop their own product. Partnership and being engaged into developing other company’s product’s are two very different things.

A ‘free-style’ in Verge is making a free chaos.

Now TokenPay is in a perfect position to exploit this opportunity. The whole TokenPay is now using the experiences and energy of the whole Verge team for free. And this makes many XVG investors and enthusiasts nervous. Because they see, how the Verge team is giving their ‘everything-they-could-do’ for TokenPay.

You have to be on one boat. You can’t be on two boats at the same time. That’s crazy.

If Verge would have a CEO, this ‘brain-and-energy-drain’ would not happen. Rather a more fruitful collaboration would bring the partnerhsip between TokenPay and Verge into more effective level. There will be many new fronts to discover together. But each party should work for their own products at the first place.

Verge has huge potentials. But at the same time, it can’t be the coin for ‘mass adoption’. Take ‘dollar’ as an example. It’s not mass adopted but widely adopted, used and accepted. The same is true for Verge. Verge can be the ‘dollar’ of the Crypto world and widely accepted and adopted. That’s alone a huge success, if the Verge investors and team could imagine it truely. Many new fronts will always be energing for Verge.

In the June Amsterdam Verge Meeting, Justin Vendetta was playing the role of Verge’s CEO. Let’s say quasi-CEO or semi-CEO. But even one of the TokensPays recent tweet claims that he works 16 hours a day for the development of Verge Project. It sounds great.

He is the main developer and needs his time to concentrate more on the codes, protecting the XVG from hackers. Moreover, maintenance of the whole XVG codebase is his core task. He can’t be the CEO. That will be too burdensome for Justin.

A CEO will be somone who will ‘bridge’ both the developer’s and marketing team together, will talk to the investors, will introduce XVG to new markets, find new opportunities for further developments, will look for new and still undiscovered potentials for XVG.

Even in these dull days of crypto currencies, Verge’s (XVG) current market capital is more than $300M. It’s a huge money. And still no CEO. That’s the absolute missing thing here in the project.

Verge desperately needs a CEO. The sooner, the better.

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