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Styles and Culture in South Asia Clothing

The style and culture of clothing in South Asia have had their significance and relevance for many years. The peoples of South Asia, to a large extent, share a common cultural heritage. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka work appropriately and distinctively to produce confident consumers of youthful fashion who prove essential to the fashion market. (more…)

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Choosing an Attire for Your Game’s Character -Do’s and Don’ts

In an era of digital world video gaming is spreading widely. Millions of people play video games worldwide every day and how they dress in those games matters. So why we never talked about fashion in games more? Games have long been used to explore different life features, from fantasy lands to wars, but fashion has fallen at the edge. (more…)

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Rian Buckley and Fitcode help women find jeans that fit through data and technology

The “a-ha!” moment came during one of her many modeling shoots, when Rian Buckley often wore clothes that were pinned, clipped and altered to fit her body shape. She saw repeatedly how the same clothes —  jeans in particular — can look drastically different on two models with the same clothing size. And she spent a lot of time listening to e-commerce retailers complain of lost revenue from returned clothing, especially denim, that didn’t fit. (more…)

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IBM Social Sentiment Index Predicts New Retail Trend in the Making

Analytics points to the “Birth of a Trend,” steampunk aesthetic to pervade pop culture in 2013

ARMONK, N.Y. – 14 Jan 2013: National Retail Federation Convention – Based on an analysis of more than a half million public posts on message boards, blogs, social media sites and news sources, IBM predicts that ‘steampunk,’ a sub-genre inspired by the clothing, technology and social mores of Victorian society, will be a major trend to bubble up, and take hold, of the retail industry. Major fashion labels, accessories providers and jewelry makers are expected to integrate a steampunk aesthetic into their designs in the coming year.

Measuring public sentiment can help retail chief marketing officers customize incentives and services to be more in tune with what customers are asking for, using data to tailor their offerings to address fast-moving trends and real-time customer needs. (more…)

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Five Online Shopping Tips on Buying Kids Clothes Online

Do you dread to shop for your kid’s clothes and shoes? For most of us, it means dragging your toddler around the shops for hours. If such is the case why not check out online shopping? Today in this 21stcentury shopping for your kid’s clothes and shoes online is quite safe, time efficient and dread easy – plus you can save loads of money on it. You can embrace the shopping tips given below to buy kids clothes online.

Online shopping can be considered as a busy mother’s lifesaver. You can have easy admission to the best kid’s garments and shoes available in the world – by enjoying the comfort of your home and couch. (more…)

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5 Crazy Makeup Trends That Stirred Fashion World In 2012

Fashion travels quickly from ramp to street. It is no longer confined to ramp or backstage, but has gone beyond with increase in affordability. Fashion experts believe that globalization has brought a shift in fashion from being region specific to cosmopolitan.

The present fashion trends are influenced more by street style and historic muses. Trickledown Theory has dominated major ‘Fashion Weeks’ this season. Here are few very crazy fashion trends that became popular in 2012. (more…)

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Dressing for the Future: Microsoft Duo Breaks Through with Wearable Technology Concept

*Microsoft designers create “The Printing Dress,” an award-winning wearable technology creation that’s turning heads in design circles.*

REDMOND, Wash. – Aug. 3, 2011 – Microsoft and fashion aren’t often mentioned in the same breath – until now. In the heart of Microsoft Research is a dress that’s turning heads without ever being worn on a catwalk.

“The Printing Dress,” a project created by Microsoft Research’s Asta Roseway and Xbox’s Sheridan Martin Small, is one of the first pieces of fashion technology to emerge from the company. The women and their dress won Best Concept and Best in Show at the 15th annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) in San Francisco this June. (more…)

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