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Choosing an Attire for Your Game’s Character -Do’s and Don’ts

In an era of digital world video gaming is spreading widely. Millions of people play video games worldwide every day and how they dress in those games matters. So why we never talked about fashion in games more? Games have long been used to explore different life features, from fantasy lands to wars, but fashion has fallen at the edge. (more…)

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Digital Defenses

Cybersecurity expert Hathaway discusses risks of modern digital world

The near future of digital technology could allow citizens to turn on their toaster ovens via the Internet from just about anywhere, but these developments could pose serious threats to individuals’ safety, according to a cybersecurity expert.

Melissa Hathaway, a former senior director for cyberspace in the National Security Council, highlighted examples of the threats the Internet has created for both national and personal security during a University of Delaware Global Agenda speaker series presentation on Wednesday night, April 11, in Mitchell Hall. (more…)

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