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Yahoo!’s Top Ten of Everything 2010

Analysis of billions of searches used to gauge the mood of the great British public

Uncovers major trends of AUSTERITY and CELEBRITY

Is Kate the new Cheryl in 2011? Cheryl Cole most searched for celebrity — but Princess Kate set to steal crown

Royal Wedding the #4 most searched for news event in 2010 – after only two weeks

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yahoo!’s Year in Review (https://uk.yearinreview.yahoo.com ) — the definitive list of the people, places and events that grabbed the UK’s imagination over the past 12 months, based on billions of searches on Yahoo.co.uk — has uncovered a nation still worried by economic uncertainty and dazzled by celebrity. (more…)

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Windows Phone 7 Takes Aim at Bad Phone Design

*Windows Phone 7 goes on sale today at AT&T and T-Mobile stores throughout the United States. The phone takes a new approach to smartphone design, hopefully addressing some of the “Bad Mobile Phone Behavior” called out in a new survey released today.* 

REDMOND, Wash. – Nov. 8, 2010 – The mobile phone, like the craftiest of invasive species, knows no boundaries. It has crept into every inch of our lives, and spotting one in the bathroom or the bedroom can only elicit a weary response: “Really?” 

According to a new survey released today, the answer across the country is a resounding – if resigned – “Yes.”  (more…)

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