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Cotsen researcher finds evidence of ‘unnatural selection’ in popular Panamanian seafood

Caribbean fighting conch used to be harvested with more meat, but evolved to mature at smaller size

Like most residents of Panama’s Isla Colón, UCLA archaeologist Thomas Wake has enjoyed more than a few plates of Caribbean fighting conch in the 11 years he’s operated his field lab on the island’s north shore.

“They’re stigmatized as a poor people’s food, but they’re good,” said Wake, a lab director at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science. “They taste a lot like abalone or calamari.” (more…)

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Immigration among Latin American Countries Fails to Improve Income

New study challenges theory of upward mobility in developing nations

Donald Bogue, professor emeritus in sociology and a distinguished scholar of demography, has found that unlike immigrants to the United States, immigrants between nations in Latin America frequently do not improve their lives by moving. (more…)

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Teams on Tour: Great Sporting Trips Around the World

Passion for sport is unrivalled in its energy and dedication and so it’s no wonder that people are so keen to travel the world to see their favourite athletes and teams play abroad. These tours offer a unique opportunity to follow your sport and see some great global destinations at the same time.

Travelling abroad to follow your favourite sport is a unique and highly rewarding experience, allowing you to experience a different country, engage with their culture and discover the wonders of how other peoples and nations watch and enjoy sports. Organised tours are often the best way to get involved with international sport as they do an excellent job of combining all the necessary aspects without any hassle for your tickets to all the most important sporting events, accommodation and transport to make getting there very easy and scheduled free time to allow you to explore the surroundings of your destination. (more…)

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Brilliant 10

UD alumnus one of Popular Science magazine’s ‘Brilliant 10’ Young Scientists

University of Delaware alumnus Deva Ramanan has been named one of Popular Science magazine’s “Brilliant 10” Young Scientists.

The designation places Ramanan on the magazine’s annual “honor roll” of the 10 most promising scientist for 2012.

Ramanan, who earned his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at UD in 2000, is an associate professor of computer science at the University of California Irvine (UCI). There he is working to improve a computer’s image recognition capability, or in simpler terms, a computer’s ability to “see people.” (more…)

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Make Relations that Last Life Long with Online Dating

Dating today is hard. Trying to find someone with common interests while avoiding the nightclub scene can be daunting. It is especially difficult to meet a person who is interested in a long-term relationship and not a one-night stand. Online dating has opened the door of opportunities for many people and has become extremely popular. More couples are connecting via the Internet and sites devoted to creating relationships.

Choosing a Dating Site :

There are so many dating sites available now that it is difficult for individuals to settle on one particular site. One of the best recommendations is to select a site that has a solid reputation and has been around for a while. Sites such as eHarmony, match.com, zoosk, and chemistry.com are only a few of the sites that are available with positive reviews, a large membership, and a good track record. They base their connections on personality traits, chemistry, and finding things in common for a starting point. Those interested can find out who is in their area with similar philosophies and goals in life. Dating sites give a person a starting point and they can search through profiles to narrow down the selection before going out on a date. (more…)

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