Teams on Tour: Great Sporting Trips Around the World

Passion for sport is unrivalled in its energy and dedication and so it’s no wonder that people are so keen to travel the world to see their favourite athletes and teams play abroad. These tours offer a unique opportunity to follow your sport and see some great global destinations at the same time.

Travelling abroad to follow your favourite sport is a unique and highly rewarding experience, allowing you to experience a different country, engage with their culture and discover the wonders of how other peoples and nations watch and enjoy sports. Organised tours are often the best way to get involved with international sport as they do an excellent job of combining all the necessary aspects without any hassle for your tickets to all the most important sporting events, accommodation and transport to make getting there very easy and scheduled free time to allow you to explore the surroundings of your destination.


One of the most exciting sports tours is exploring the international world of rugby, with many different nations across the world taking part in this great sport. One of the real advantages of following rugby is the variation of scope on offer, it is possible to travel round the UK, visit Europe or take a real long-distance trip to some far more exotic locations. In the UK, Twickenham is the majestic spiritual home of English rugby and is always worth a visit. The Six Nations meanwhile is a great chance to see rugby across Europe, including in France and Italy. Finally, rugby opens doors on a worldwide stage, whether you follow the British and Irish Lions to Australia, catch a game of the All Blacks in New Zealand or see the Springboks in action in South Africa. In addition, there is a growing popularity for rugby in some rather unexpected destinations, such as in Dubai and Hong Kong.


Cricket has much in common with rugby when it comes to international locations. Traditionally an English sport, cricket was one of the exports of the British Empire which many in the colonies really took to heart and this legacy still endures today. Being a part of the Ashes in one of Australia’s great cities is a real experience, especially because this classic rivalry dates back to 1882 and is still a lot of fun. As well as down under, cricket is popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and outside of the sport, these countries have a fascinating culture and geography to explore. For a more laid back holiday atmosphere, the sun-drenched islands of the West Indies gives you a chance to relax and soak up the vibrant culture in between matches.


Cricket and rugby are by no means the only sport that can take you across the world. For a more sedate sports trip, golf is a great choice and the Ryder Cup offers a rare chance to cheer on a united European team against their American rivals, whichever side of the Atlantic the tournament is played on. Even within the borders of the United Kingdom, there are plenty of great sporting events to get involved in   tennis at Wimbledon, horse racing at Royal Ascot or the Grand National and Formula 1 at Silverstone’s British Grand Prix. Whichever event you choose, you’re sure to not be disappointed.

In short, sports trips are an excellent way to see the world, including some truly exotic destinations, while still expressing your commitment to and love of the sport of your choice. Whether it’s cricket in India, rugby in New Zealand or golf in the USA, there is something on offer to appeal to everyone.

*AUTHOR BIO: Anna Mathews writes regularly on sports tours for a range of active tourism websites and blogs. A keen sports fan herself, she has travelled widely to watch rugby, cricket and golf, to name but a few.

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