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Tanzen für den Klimaschutz

Mit der Silent Climate Parade schließt sich Berlin dem weltgrößten Klimaschutzaktionstag vor dem UN Sondergipfel an

Diesen Sonntag kommen Menschen weltweit zum größten Klimaschutzaktionstag zusammen, den es je gegeben hat. Mehr als 1.400 Organisationen mit Millionen von Mitgliedern rufen zur Teilnahme am „People’s Climate March“ auf, der in zahlreichen Städten im Vorfeld des UN Sondergipfels stattfindet. In Berlin fordert die „Silent Climate Parade“ auf besondere Art die Politik zu mehr Engagement im Klimaschutz auf. Anstatt mit lauten Parolen durch die Straßen zu ziehen, wird hier ganz leise für eine nachhaltige Zukunft getanzt – und gerade damit für Irritation und Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt. (more…)

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Despite growth reports, Africa mired in poverty

Despite continued reports of economic growth in Africa, much of the continent remains wracked by poverty, with roughly one in five citizens saying they frequently lack food, clean water and medical care, according to the largest survey of African citizens.

This suggests the growth is not trickling down to the poorest citizens or that actual growth rates are inflated, said Carolyn Logan, assistant professor of political science at Michigan State University and deputy director of the survey, called the Afrobarometer. (more…)

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All for One: What Makes an Individual

Life as we know it has certain properties that are consistent regardless whether you’re looking at a bacterial colony in a petri dish or a primate colony in South America. Rick Michod, UA professor and department head of ecology and evolutionary biology, has received $1.3 million from NASA to investigate what properties of biology define an individual organism.

Many things in life are not fair. But some things are at least consistent.

For example, all life as we know it has certain universal properties, which presumably define how life would be organized anywhere it evolved in the universe, said Richard Michod, professor and head of the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona.  (more…)

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IBM Forges New Routes to Market with Power and Storage Systems Tuned for Big Data and Cloud Computing

Johannesburg, South Africa – 05 Feb 2013: IBM today accelerated its strategy to make big data and cloud computing a reality for businesses of all sizes with new Power Systems and Storage Systems that provide deep insights into big data, simplify data storage in the cloud, and can reduce costs through consolidation.

The announcement was made today in Johannesburg, South Africa, where IBM convened over 100 CEOs, CIOs, government officials, and academics at a leadership forum to chart a course for future business opportunities across the continent. (more…)

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Help Wanted: Millions of Cloud-Skilled IT Workers Needed

A study released today by Microsoft and the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that millions of cloud-related IT jobs are sitting open and millions more will open up in the next two years due to a shortage in cloud-certified IT workers.

REDMOND, Wash. – Dec. 19, 2012 – The information technology forecast for the next two years calls for increasing cloudiness – cloud computing job opportunities, that is.

One in four IT positions worldwide is currently unfilled, and 28 percent of those are cloud-related, according to research [1] released today by the International Data Corporation (IDC). The research also shows that an estimated 1.7 million cloud-related IT jobs are open worldwide right now, and there will be as many as 7 million cloud computing jobs available by 2015. (more…)

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IBM Global Parking Survey: Drivers Share Worldwide Parking Woes

ARMONK, N.Y., – 28 Sep 2011:

• 8,042 commuters in 20 cities on six continents surveyed

• Parking elusive worldwide; Over half report abandoning search for parking spot

• Chicago reports the least amount of tickets for illegal parking; Bangalore tops the list

• Drivers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Nairobi and Milan argue most over parking spaces

IBM’s first parking survey released today found that drivers in 20 international cities face a daily struggle in finding a parking space. In the past year, nearly six out of 10 drivers have abandoned their search for a space at least once, and more than a quarter have gotten into an argument with a fellow motorist over a parking space (more…)

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Goooal! World Cup of Tech Competitors Score in Warsaw

*As their favorite soccer teams battle to win the World Cup in South Africa, students from across the globe are in Warsaw, Poland, to find out who will win the World Cup of technology.*

WARSAW, Poland – July 6, 2010 Just weeks after catching a World Cup soccer game in their home country, two students from South Africa brought 40,000 football fans with them to Warsaw, Poland, for the “World Cup of technology.”


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