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Yale historian Jay Winter: War is a Pandora’s Box

Jay Winter, the Charles J. Stille Professor of History and editor of the recently published three-volume “Cambridge History of the First World War,” recently spoke to YaleNews about how WWI has impacted the 20th century, what lessons can be learned from the conflict, and the emergence of a global history of the so-called “Great War.” The following is an edited version of that conversation.

One of your areas of study is the remembrance of war in the 20th century, such as memorial and mourning sites. What led you to study this topic?

My mother’s family was wiped out in the Holocaust, and its shadow haunted my childhood. Writing about mourning practices in the aftermath of the First World War was an indirect way of confronting indirectly part of my childhood. (more…)

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Imagine Cup Winner’s Vision Tool Could Help Millions

*A project that helps students with low vision take notes wins the U.S. Imagine Cup’s preeminent software design category.*

REDMOND, Wash. – April 12, 2011 – When David Hayden’s team won the U.S. Imagine Cup’s prestigious category Monday, it was a victory for him as a student with low vision, and for all students with reduced vision across the world.

Hayden and Team Note-Taker from Arizona State University (ASU) won the Software Design category after competing in Microsoft’s U.S. Imagine Cup finals over the weekend. His team will advance to compete in the Imagine Cup world finals in July. (more…)

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Goooal! World Cup of Tech Competitors Score in Warsaw

*As their favorite soccer teams battle to win the World Cup in South Africa, students from across the globe are in Warsaw, Poland, to find out who will win the World Cup of technology.*

WARSAW, Poland – July 6, 2010 Just weeks after catching a World Cup soccer game in their home country, two students from South Africa brought 40,000 football fans with them to Warsaw, Poland, for the “World Cup of technology.”


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Tech Student Projects Already Changing World

*A student team from Russia will take technology that is already monitoring the health of a national park to the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in July.*

REDMOND, Wash. — Two months ago, fish started dying in the rivers and streams of Russia’s Zyratkyl National Park. Perplexed park officials wanted to know why, so they turned to a new water monitoring system called Polarvision.


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