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Positive Online Comments Can Help Blunt Cyberbullying

Want to stop cyberbullying on Facebook? Try using … Facebook.

A recently published study by a team of Michigan State University researchers found that one effective way of fighting cyberbullying is by using the medium where it tends to flourish. The key, said the researchers: Make your anti-cyberbullying messages positive in nature. (more…)

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UA Professor to Attend Lady Gaga Foundation Launch

UA professor Sheri Bauman, an expert in cyberbullying, is among those invited to attend the launch of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, a nationwide education and advocacy organization.

University of Arizona researcher Sheri Bauman is a member of a small, but powerful, nationwide contingency invited to participate in the launch of Lady Gaga’s new anti-bullying foundation. (more…)

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Helping Keep Children Safe Online

*Organizations around the world are addressing cyberbullying — and digital safety overall — by empowering youth and providing educators with resources to help them navigate the digital world. Includes tips for preventing cyberbullying.*

Redmond, Wash. — Aug. 25, 2011 — For all the benefits that smartphones, computers and the Web have to offer — especially for young people who have embraced digital technology and use it every day — there will always be those who misuse the technology to harass others, including their peers.

Known as “cyberbullying,” this problem can occur at any time of the day or night, due to the always-on nature of the devices and technologies used to create these hurtful interactions. So, for some young people, home offers no respite from being victimized. In fact, cyberbullying has beome common enough that the term was recently added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. (more…)

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Online Safety Call: ‘Stop. Think. Connect.’

*To kick off National Cyber Security Month, Microsoft has joined a large coalition of government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private businesses in crafting a common online safety and security message: ‘Stop. Think. Connect.’*

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 4, 2010 — Stop. Think. Connect.

That’s the message behind a major new online safety campaign that kicks off today and advises consumers about how to be safer online. Microsoft joined a large coalition of government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations to craft the slogan, which is the first unified public awareness message focused on online safety. The campaign and its accompanying message is being unveiled today during a ceremony at the Seattle Public Library. (more…)

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