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The Virus That Makes a Disposable Syringe

For decades, no one knew how a virus that preys on bacteria transfers its DNA into the host cells because it appeared to lack the structures other viruses use for that process. Now researchers have discovered how the virus does it – using a structure that might hold applications for nanotechnology.

A research team led by the University of Arizona and Purdue University has discovered something very unique about a virus that has been studied for decades: It has the ability to grow a temporary tube-shaped structure, enabling it to inject its DNA into the bacteria on which it preys. (more…)

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Apple is ahead of the rest

The world of technologies doesn’t cease to surprise. This time we have an innovation from Apple. It should seem, there only was a fuss about the new iPhone 5, and now we have the news about the brand-new iPhone 5S. Is there a big difference between these two models and how many people are going to buy the latest one?

In the year 2007 Steve Jobs made a sensation when presented to the world his invention – a small device with lots of functions and capabilities, not a simple phone but it seemed a small computer with exception for particular functions. It was a furor, not to say more. The innovation had a great success among the consumers, and the inventors gave birth to the next models making better the functions of the iPhone and some of its applications. (more…)

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What a difference a 3-D makes

3-D CT scans give the U a leg up in spotting veterinary injuries

When Gauge fell from a rooftop a few months ago, he had two strikes against him:

• The ground was five stories down

• He was a dog, not a cat

Rushed to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, Gauge looked like a goner. Even after his internal injuries were tended to, his fractured pelvis loomed like a third strike that would hobble him for life. That’s what it’s like for too many animals, whose veterinary surgeons have only conventional X-rays or a stack of two-dimensional CT scans to guide them as they go into surgery.  (more…)

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High Stakes: Businesses Make Big Data Bets

Big data has exploded into the mainstream, and very soon harnessing the power of information won’t just be a matter of profitability, but of survival. Microsoft has the tools to help businesses survive and thrive in the dawning age of big data.

REDMOND, Wash. – Feb. 13, 2013 – For the first time in history, it’s going to start raining information.

Hallelujah or headache? For businesses, it’s all about being ready to ride this perfect storm of big data – and their understanding of what’s at stake. (more…)

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Best Travel Apps for Extended Trips

It is comparatively easy and simple to plan a tour that is well-known in advance. Entire details will be noted and the execution will be done without many complications but what if there is a sudden change in the plan? If there is an extension of the trip which is unexpected then, how will it be managed? The ultimate hurdle faced during this situation is when the operation is jumbled up with multiple thoughts. Fortunately, there are few ways which can simplify this hassle and help in providing support for the extended trip. The top of the list is attained by applications because; most people possess a Smartphone which is capable of guiding them with inbuilt features. The additional reinforcement is offered by travel apps such as,

  • Kayak: Kayak is the first of its kind that provided travel services on the web. They have designed a mobile app which is good as well as helps in searching flights data. This app features an option called explore; it shows the map with various locations in the world and the costs to travel to that particular place that can be met through same day cash loans.
  • TripAdvisor: If there is a necessity to travel to an unknown location then this app can help you out by offering millions of reviews provided by many people. This application features aspects such as accommodation, things to eat and many more. (more…)

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Purpose and Uses of the Relay Board for Electronics Hobbyists and Enthusiasts

A relayboard is effectively a board containing one or more relay switches. A relay switch is often used to switch a large amount of power on for a small operating energy; or to turn specific circuits on and off within an application.

Often the relay becomes the breaker point between a low and high voltage, or a low and high current, part of an application. The most obvious version of this usage is the RCD board used to insulate your home against electrical surges. The trip switches on the board are all relays – in effect making the RCD (otherwise known as a residual current device) one of the largest and most obvious relay boards in the country. (more…)

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comScore Reports August 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

Apple Inches Closer to #2 Position in OEM Market

RESTON, VA, October 2, 2012 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the comScore MobiLens service, reporting key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry during the three month average period ending August 2012. The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top handset manufacturer overall with 25.7 percent market share. Google Android led among smartphone platforms, accounting for 52.6 percent of smartphone subscribers, while Apple accounted for 34.3 percent. (more…)

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USDA Moves 120,000 Users to Microsoft’s Cloud

*The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is moving its e-mail, document sharing, and other collaboration tools to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure to save money and improve efficiency.* 

REDMOND, Wash. — Dec. 8, 2010 — The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that it is moving its on-premises e-mail and productivity applications to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, becoming the first cabinet-level federal agency to embrace the cloud. 

In one of the largest cloud federal government deployments ever, the USDA is moving its 120,000 users to Microsoft Online Services, consolidating 21 different messaging and collaboration systems into one, said Chris Smith, the USDA’s chief information officer. The USDA plans to start the shift within the next four weeks.  (more…)

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