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Your Computer Can Help Scientists Seeking Potential COVID-19 Treatments

IBM’s World Community Grid hosts Scripps Research project to help scientists virtually screen chemical compounds that might help fight COVID-19

NEW YORK –IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that anyone in the world with a PC, laptop or Mac and an Internet connection could help scientists seek chemical compounds that might be effective against COVID-19. (more…)

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What to Do When Someone You Love Struggles With Addiction

According to ADrugRehab.org, “Addiction is tricky and calculating, and it’s the only disease that can take more than one person down with it, if it is left unchallenged. Addiction dramatically alters the lives of not just the addicted person, but of everyone within his or her vicinity, namely family and friends.” If you believe that a loved one is showing signs of succumbing to addiction, you’ll want to act as soon as possible. (more…)

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Better ‘mini brains’ could help scientists identify treatments for Zika-related brain damage

UCLA researchers develop improved technique for creating brain tissue from stem cells

UCLA researchers have developed an improved technique for creating simplified human brain tissue from stem cells. Because these so-called “mini brain organoids” mimic human brains in how they grow and develop, they’re vital to studying complex neurological diseases. (more…)

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New Treatment for Allergic Response Targets Mast Cells

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed a method that stops allergic reactions by removing a key receptor from mast cells and basophils. Their work has implications for the treatment of skin allergies and asthma. (more…)

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IBM: Your Computer Can Help Scientists Search for New Childhood Cancer Treatments

Researchers in Japan, Hong Kong and U.S. launch crowdsourced research effort using IBM’s World Community Grid

TOKYO, Japan; HONG KONG, China & HARTFORD, United States – 31 Jan 2017: Medical researchers and IBM (NYSE: IBM) are asking for the public’s help in finding prospective treatments for childhood cancers. (more…)

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Light therapy effectively treats early prostate cancer

A new non-surgical treatment for low-risk prostate cancer can effectively kill cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue, reports a new UCL-led phase III clinical trial in 413 patients. The trial was funded by STEBA Biotech which holds the commercial license for the treatment. (more…)

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