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Better ‘mini brains’ could help scientists identify treatments for Zika-related brain damage

UCLA researchers develop improved technique for creating brain tissue from stem cells

UCLA researchers have developed an improved technique for creating simplified human brain tissue from stem cells. Because these so-called “mini brain organoids” mimic human brains in how they grow and develop, they’re vital to studying complex neurological diseases. (more…)

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Political pitfalls in handling Ebola may carry over to Zika

ANN ARBOR — If the United States responds to Zika the way it did to Ebola—and early indications are that in many ways it is—the country can expect missteps brought about by a lack of health care coordination and a lot of political finger pointing, according to an analysis by the University of Michigan. (more…)

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Building a better mosquito trap: How a Microsoft research project could help track Zika’s spread

As the hot, humid weather descended on Houston’s Harris County this spring, the county’s mosquito surveillance team geared up for the busiest season in its fight to get ahead of dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses such as Zika. (more…)

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“Liebe und Romantik”, so denke ich darüber: Kabore Noel (33)

Q. Was ist Liebe? Wie würden Sie es definieren?

Kabore Noel: Erst einmal muss ich ehrlich sagen, die Liebe ist groß und wenn ich die Liebe beschreiben würde, würde ich sagen, dass ist ein Instrument, was uns Menschen verbindet.

Liebe bekommt keine Anerkennung, du kannst sie nicht wiegen ,Liebe hat keine Maße, Bedingungen gibt es nicht in der Liebe man sollte Liebe nehmen wie sie ist, nämlich ohne Maße unberechenbar. (more…)

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