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What to Do When Someone You Love Struggles With Addiction

According to ADrugRehab.org, “Addiction is tricky and calculating, and it’s the only disease that can take more than one person down with it, if it is left unchallenged. Addiction dramatically alters the lives of not just the addicted person, but of everyone within his or her vicinity, namely family and friends.” If you believe that a loved one is showing signs of succumbing to addiction, you’ll want to act as soon as possible. (more…)

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Skin Care Tips to Look Attractive In Winter

A person’s psyche and skin may rebel against seasonal changes, the skin thus needs to be nurtured to give it the healthy characteristics to boost one’s psyche. A change in the skin care routine is thus necessary during winter to prevent drying up and flaking of the skin. To look attractive in the winter the following skin care tips should be practiced:

 Use of good moisturizers

 Heavier, richer moisturizers help prevent environmental conditions and prevent moisture loss in over-heated rooms. Moisturizers with lanolin oils restores the skin’s natural protective layer and moisture balance to keep the skin soft. Products with alpha hydroxyl acids should be substituted with products enriched with natural cocoa butter and vitamin E which provides deep and long-lasting moisture and smoothies away dullness. (more…)

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