Skin Care Tips to Look Attractive In Winter

A person’s psyche and skin may rebel against seasonal changes, the skin thus needs to be nurtured to give it the healthy characteristics to boost one’s psyche. A change in the skin care routine is thus necessary during winter to prevent drying up and flaking of the skin. To look attractive in the winter the following skin care tips should be practiced:

 Use of good moisturizers

 Heavier, richer moisturizers help prevent environmental conditions and prevent moisture loss in over-heated rooms. Moisturizers with lanolin oils restores the skin’s natural protective layer and moisture balance to keep the skin soft. Products with alpha hydroxyl acids should be substituted with products enriched with natural cocoa butter and vitamin E which provides deep and long-lasting moisture and smoothies away dullness.

 Wear lip protection

 Lips require moisture as they have no oil glands. Apply new lip exfoliants if the lips chap before switching to more moisture holding lip balms. Good lip balms may include those with butter or waxy lip balms which seal in moisture. Moisturizing lip balms with vitamin E for good elasticity provide a protective barrier against chapping as they provide deep and long-lasting moisture.

Take warm baths

Warm baths or a frequent switch of hot to cold showers serve as simple hydrotherapy techniques which revitalizes the skin by stimulating blood flow through the body thus is beneficial to the skin. Warm baths especially in essential oils minimizes excessive drying, lotions enriched with glycerine, body oils or butter should be applied after a bath.

Plan healthy diets

The right collection of foods such as fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals and also foods with high water content should be consumed to hydrate the body. Plenty of water should also be taken to avoid dehydration, water with lemon or honey is beneficial as it detoxifies the whole body system including the liver and the gall bladder. The body is thus therefore able to clean the blood faster to get rid of toxins responsible for bad skin. Regular exercises are essential in skin care.

Exfoliate the skin

The skin should be exfoliated once a week to remove dead flaky skin and absorb extra moisture. Palms of hands and sores of feet should be exfoliated more frequently to moisturize them. This nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and smooth all day.

Sleep enough

At least 8 hours of sleep are beneficial, this is because oxygen levels drop if you do not get enough sleep. If the oxygen levels drop body cells including those of the skin will not be renewed quickly. The slow renewal and death of skin cells results in degenerative skin aging. Enough sleep restores the skin’s natural protective layer.

Conclusion winter skin care practice requires more time and one must be persistent in skin care practice and nurturing one’s skin during winter. Proper care of one’s skin during winter ensures long-lasting healthy skin even during season change as skin is ready for summer.

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