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Weapons tied to repeat domestic abuse

Women are up to 83 percent more likely to experience repeat abuse by their male partners if a weapon is used in the initial abuse incident, according to a new study that has implications for victims, counselors and police.

Michigan State University researcher Amy Bonomi and colleagues studied the domestic abuse police reports of nearly 6,000 couples in Seattle during a two-year period. An estimated one in four women in the United States experience domestic violence at least once in their lifetime. (more…)

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Violence in Advertising Becoming a ‘Disturbing’ Trend

EAST LANSING, Mich. — A punch. A kick. A hit in the head with a can of soda. It’s not a Three Stooges film but rather the latest trend in advertising, a trend a Michigan State University professor calls “disturbing.”

Advertising professor Nora Rifon recently served as guest editor of the latest edition of the Journal of Advertising which was devoted to advertising and its connection to violence and abuse. The special edition includes nine articles from international researchers on topics ranging from the impact of violence against women in advertisements to potential effects of commercial TV violence on children. (more…)

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Building Bridges for Women

Exclusive Interview between PRAVDA.Ru* and UNIFEM Chief of Governance for Peace and Security Ms. Anne-Marie Goetz, who states that the way we think about gender and war has changed in the last decade, although a lot more needs to be done. What is the situation regarding women’s rights in conflict zones, what can Governments do, and fundamentally, what can you do?


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