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Madeleine Albright Chats with Henry Paulson about Career, Foreign Policy

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told an audience at the University of Chicago that her worldview was shaped early in life, when she witnessed the impact the United States had during and immediately following World War II.

Albright explained how terrible things happened to her native Czechoslovakia, when Britain and France signed the Munich Agreement in 1938, allowing Nazi Germany to annex parts of Czechoslovakia without its consent. Only when the United States entered World War II did Czechoslovakia’s plight improve. However, after the war, when the United States and its allies allowed the Soviet Union to liberate Central and Eastern Europe, it led to 50 years of communism. (more…)

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Yale Establishes Kissinger Archives and the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy

Former secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger gave an address before Yale faculty, students and World Fellows during a ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the Kissinger archives and the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy.

The archives extend well beyond Kissinger’s years in the White House and span the nearly 40 years since he left public service. Kissinger’s papers will serve as the foundation for the newly created Johnson Center, made possible by generous contributions from Charles B. Johnson ’54 B.A. and Nicholas F. Brady ’52 B.A. The Center will be located within the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale. (more…)

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