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Auf dem Weg zum Klimagipfel

Greenpeace-Experte Martin Kaiser wird in New York dabei sein. Vor seiner Abreise konnte er uns noch einige Fragen zum Klimagipfel beantworten.

In New York hat UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki-moon zum Klimagipfel geladen. Am 23. September treffen sich die Mächtigen dieser Welt, aber auch Vertreter aus der Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft sind dabei. Was das genau bedeutet, erklärt Martin Kaiser noch einmal genau. Hier oder am Ende dieser Seite könnt ihr euch das Interview anhören.  Und für die Lesefreudigen: (more…)

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Researchers say polar bears are victims in public war of words

Polar bears and Inuit communities have become victims in the public war of words on climate change and wildlife conservation, according to researchers from Britain and Canada.

University of Exeter geographer Dr Martina Tyrrell and Dr Doug Clark from the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Environment and Sustainability examined the fallout from a media campaign in the run-up to the March 2013 proposal to severely limit or prohibit trade in polar bears under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). (more…)

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Powerful Mathematical Model Greatly Improves Predictions for Species Facing Climate Change

UCLA life scientists and colleagues have produced the most comprehensive mathematical model ever devised to track the health of populations exposed to environmental change.

The research, federally funded by the National Science Foundation, is published Dec. 2 in the journal Science.

The team’s groundbreaking integral projection model, or IPM, unites various sub-disciplines of population biology, including population ecology, quantitative genetics, population genetics, and life-span and offspring information, allowing researchers to link many different data sources simultaneously. Scientists can now change just a single variable, like temperature, and see how that affects many factors for a population. (more…)

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Cincinnati Zoo Adds 50,000 New Visits, Drives New Revenue With IBM Business Analytics

ARMONK, N.Y. & CINCINNATI, Ohio – 11 Jan 2011: IBM today announced that the Cincinnati Zoo is using IBM business analytics software to drive new revenue, improve member visits and integrate all ticketing, retail, and food sales operations. The zoo projects a $350,000 increase in revenue in the first year, and an additional 50,000 in new visits per year using the IBM analytics solution.

More than 1.2 million people a year visit Cincinnati Zoo’s exhibits, which feature over 500 animal and 3,000 plant species. The Zoo was also rated the No. 1 attraction locally and one of the top zoos in the nation by Zagat Survey. (more…)

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