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The Rundown of Personal Effects of Current Climate Change

By Hannah Stevens

As with any global crisis, it can be difficult to pinpoint the personal effects of climate change on yourself as an individual. Most of us understand that the climate crisis is affecting the health of our planet, that natural resources are diminishing, and that climate change will negatively affect the quality of life of generations to come. However, the effects of climate change have been creeping into our daily lives and will continue to do so until more people become aware of the signs and create solutions for reducing or preventing its personal effects. (more…)

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Could “cocktail geoengineering” save the climate?

Washington, DC— Geoengineering is a catch-all term that refers to various theoretical ideas for altering Earth’s energy balance to combat climate change. New research from an international team of atmospheric scientists published by Geophysical Research Letters investigates for the first time the possibility of using a “cocktail” of geoengineering tools to reduce changes in both temperature and precipitation caused by atmospheric greenhouse gases. (more…)

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Q&A: New CPIRT director on lung infections, antibiotics, and climate change

This summer, the new Yale Center for Pulmonary Infection Research and Treatment (CPIRT) held its first meeting, with the goal of breathing fresh air into the science of lung infection. Conceived by associate professor Dr. Charles Dela Cruz as a cross-disciplinary hub for investigators, CPIRT brings together innovative minds from basic, translational, and clinical research areas across Yale. The center’s ultimate aim is to develop better treatments for both acute and chronic ailments — from pandemic flu to emphysema — that are affected by lung infections. (more…)

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Oceanic ‘heat sink’

Multi-institutional study sheds new light into global warming ‘hiatus’

A new multi-institutional study of the so-called global warming “hiatus” phenomenon — the possible temporary slowdown of the global mean surface temperature (GMST) trend said to have occurred from 1998 to 2013 — concludes the hiatus simply represents a redistribution of energy within the Earth system, which includes the land, atmosphere and the ocean. (more…)

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Small Alpine Insects are Big Messengers of Climate Change

West Glacier, Mont. – Two rare alpine insects – native to the northern Rocky Mountains and dependent on cold waters of glacier and snowmelt-fed alpine streams – are imperiled due to climate warming induced glacier and snow loss according to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey and its partners. (more…)

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Remain the Primary Threat to Polar Bears

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Greenhouse gas emissions remain the primary threat to the preservation of polar bear populations worldwide. This conclusion holds true under both a reduced greenhouse gas emission scenario that stabilizes climate warming and another scenario where emissions and warming continue at the current pace, according to updated U.S. Geological Survey research models.   (more…)

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