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Body Weight and Gender Influence Judgment in the Courtroom

In a study that offers insight into the depth of stigmatization of overweight and obese people, researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that weight stigma extends to the courtroom. Published online in the International Journal of Obesity, the study shows that a defendant’s body weight and gender impact jurors’ perceptions of guilt and responsibility.

Researchers conducted an online study with 471 adult participants. They were presented with a mock court case, including images of alleged defendants. Participants viewed one of four defendant images: a lean male, a lean female, an obese male, and an obese female. After viewing the image, participants were then asked to rate how guilty they thought the defendant was. (more…)

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A Tale of Turkey Tail: The Part of the Bird Best Left Uneaten

ANN ARBOR — While most Americans look forward to eating turkey on Thanksgiving, Pacific Islanders in the U.S. and on the islands are most likely to eat a part of the bird few other Americans are familiar with: its tail.

“Turkey tail is marketed selectively to Pacific Island communities throughout the U.S. and in Pacific Island territories, as well as independent nations,” said University of Michigan researcher Sela Panapasa. “Actually it’s not the tail but a gland that attaches the tail to the turkey’s body. It’s filled with oil that the turkey uses to preen its feathers.” (more…)

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Keep Yourself Motivated to Bring Yourself in Shape

Are you looking for the best way to reduce your weight? But the very first question which arises in the mind of people who are overweight is how to get motivated to lose weight? There is no magic wand which can reduce you in a couple of seconds. It is all mind game which keeps you motivated and forces you to reduce your size.

Some of the methods which can help you in reducing your weight are as follows:

  • Mirror Image: It may sound funny but it is the biggest truth of your life. More you look into the mirror, more you will be motivated to reduce your weight. Self-talks is one of the most motivating factors of reducing weight. Talk to yourself daily and promise yourself that you will bring your body in shape one day. This is one of the most motivating things you can do to yourself. (more…)

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Study Finds Payment for Pediatric Obesity Services Now Can Save Money Later

Pediatric obesity ends up costing $3 billion annually in the U.S., but a significant amount of that could be saved by streamlining medical coverage to address health issues affecting young obese patients now rather than waiting to treat conditions they develop as they get older, according UCLA researchers and colleagues.

For morbidly obese children, access to multidisciplinary services can lead to successful outcomes. But because clinicians lack a universal set of guidelines to follow, health insurers and hospitals often evaluate insurance coverage for obesity services on a case-by-case basis. This creates a critical barrier between patients and providers. (more…)

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Study Finds That Overweight People Really Are Big-Boned

One of the blind spots in forensic science, particularly in identifying unknown remains, is the inability of experts to determine how much an individual weighed based on his or her skeleton. New research from North Carolina State University moves us closer to solving this problem by giving forensic experts valuable insight into what the shape of the femur can tell us about the weight of an individual.

“This research allows us to determine whether an individual was overweight based solely on the characteristics of a skeleton’s femur, or thigh bone,” says Dr. Ann Ross, an associate professor of anthropology at NC State and co-author of a paper describing the research. However, Ross notes, this research does not give us the ability to provide an individual’s exact weight based on skeletal remains. (more…)

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