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Plastic Surgery to Improve Your Looks — and Your Sight

Oculoplastic surgeons at the Yale Eye Center perform a range of procedures, from Botox injections to fix wrinkles, to lifesaving surgeries to help treat cancers near the eye.

(March 2013) Gail Chiasson’s “puffy eyelids” had gotten so heavy she felt as if they’d become permanently half-shut. Not only did she look sleepy, she felt sleepy. She couldn’t read a book for long and grew especially concerned when a doctor trying to perform an eye test had to tape her lids out of the way.

She visited the Yale Eye Center, where a surgeon performed a blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure to lift the upper eyelids and improve vision. He also removed extra fat from her lower lids to improve her appearance. The results, says Chiasson, are “unbelievable, like night and day, from being sleepy to wide awake. I didn’t even realize how much the droopy lids had affected my peripheral vision.” (more…)

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Nearly One-Tenth of Hemisphere’s Mammals Unlikely to Outrun Climate Change

A safe haven could be out of reach for 9 percent of the Western Hemisphere’s mammals, and as much as 40 percent in certain regions, because the animals just won’t move swiftly enough to outpace climate change.

For the past decade scientists have outlined new areas suitable for mammals likely to be displaced as climate change first makes their current habitat inhospitable, then unlivable. For the first time a new study considers whether mammals will actually be able to move to those new areas before they are overrun by climate change. Carrie Schloss, University of Washington research analyst in environmental and forest sciences, is lead author of the paper out online the week of May 14 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (more…)

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Scientists Trace Evolutionary History of What Mammals Eat

*Feeding habits haven’t always been what they are today*

The feeding habits of mammals haven’t always been what they are today, particularly for omnivores.

Some groups of mammals almost exclusively eat meat–take lions and tigers and other big cats as examples.

Other mammals such as deer, cows and antelope are predominantly plant-eaters, living on a diet of leaves, shoots, fruits and bark. (more…)

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