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Piling on pressure solves enduring mystery about metal’s makeup

Scientists have solved decades long puzzle about lithium, an essential metal in cellphone and computer batteries. Using extreme pressure experiments and powerful supercomputing, the international team has unraveled the mystery of a fundamental property of lithium. Its atoms are arranged in a simple structure, and may be the first direct evidence of a quantum solid behavior in a metal. (more…)

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Mutltitasking May Hurt Your Performance, But It Makes You Feel Better

COLUMBUS, Ohio – People aren’t very good at media multitasking – like reading a book while watching TV – but do it anyway because it makes them feel good, a new study suggests.

The findings provide clues as to why multitasking is so popular, even though many studies show it is not productive.

Researchers had college students record all of their media use and other activities for 28 days, including why they used various media sources and what they got out of it. (more…)

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Researchers Discover Potential Key To Lowering Energy Costs of Cell Phones and Data Centers

AUSTIN, Texas — A systematic analysis of power usage in microprocessors could help lower the energy consumption of both small cellphones and giant data centers, report computer science professors from The University of Texas at Austin and the Australian National University.

Their results may point the way to how companies such as Google, Apple, Intel and Microsoft can make software and hardware that will lower the energy costs of very small and very large devices. (more…)

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Cellphone Cultures

After reading an article in The New York Times, Monday 8th Oct, I could not stop but to write down some points: In Sweden you can use cell phones while riding bus or train (open-minded, tolerant Swedes) In Finland people do not like face to face conversation so the relief is cellphones (“Shy-Group”. I guess […]

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