Cellphone Cultures

After reading an article in The New York Times, Monday 8th Oct, I could not stop but to write down some points:

  • In Sweden you can use cell phones while riding bus or train (open-minded, tolerant Swedes)

  • In Finland people do not like face to face conversation so the relief is cellphones (“Shy-Group”. I guess Nokia is a Finish company)

  • In Japan people can use a special “manner button” to disable any ring (Japanese are really very polite nation – it is just another proof)

  • In China anything is possible (open in all direction…)

  • In Philippines text messages are preferred means of communication (Let’s hope the next Nobel Laureate in Literature will be from Philippines)

While I was in Germany, I found in buses it is not allowed to use Cellphones. But in Austria, you can find people using cellphones in buses. Hummm….. 🙂 .

In my home country Bangladesh you can proudly use cell phones everywhere (Bangladeshis are highly tolerant nation on this planet – I can guarantee you).

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