FileZilla and WordPress 2.3

After transferring the whole WordPress 2.3 files to the server by smartFTP program, I noticed some most common iteams are not working with the blog. Quicktags did not appear, I could not add any new category, add new category option didn’t work. I searched through the forum of wordpress, but I found many had similar problems. Although some suggestions helped few to resolve the issues, it didn’t work with me. I was very annoyed. I again transferred some files from my pc to the server, but it remained unresolved. I found that smartFTP frequently unable to connect to the server even with some small size files of 100 KB. Now you can imagine whether you would think of you as a donkey for using such programms.

I looked through the wordpress documentation again and found FileZilla. Believe me it transfers files very fast and without any interruptions. I was very glad. I had to do the full mission once again, but now everything is working properly, although I get at the bottom bar that spellchecker is still downloading. But I can write the posts easily. I had a great relief. I though I should write it immediately so that you know which ftp program to use. SmartFTP is not really smart. Use FileZilla and do happy blogging!!

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