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Ge­rechte Wege aus der Schul­den­falle

Die Notwendigkeit der Schaffung eines Verbraucherinsolvenzrechtes wurde kürzlich in Georgien diskutiert. Christian Koller, Professor am Institut für Zivilgerichtliches Verfahren, wurde als internationaler Experte hinzugezogen. Die rechtsvergleichende Forschung ist Grundlage für eine grenzüberschreitende Kooperation. (more…)

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How bike sharing in Seattle rose from the ashes of Pronto’s failure

In October 2014, Seattle launched Pronto, a docked bike-share program. But Pronto had problems shifting into a higher gear, and the city ended the program in 2017, making Seattle one of the few cities in the world to shut down a modern public bike sharing system. (more…)

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Words to borrow

How the words we use can predict whether we’ll pay back loans

Imagine you consider lending $2,000 to one of two borrowers on a crowdfunding website. The borrowers are identical in terms of their demographic and financial characteristics, the amount of money they wish to borrow, and their reason for borrowing the money. However, the text they provided when applying for a loan differs.  (more…)

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The power of counteroffers

How potential alternative offers can affect negotiations

Whether you are interviewing for a job or closing on a home, power is a central tool in negotiations. Research from professors of management John Sawyer and Dustin Sleesman at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics shows that an alternative offer can shift the power dynamic in a negotiation, even if that alternative hasn’t actually been offered.  (more…)

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Tips that Every Crypto Investor Must Know

Since the debut of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm. Today, cryptocurrencies are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives most especially when it comes to our financial transactions. Thus, more and more people are getting interested in it. (more…)

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