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Ethik in der Finanzindustrie: Besser als erwartet

Die Moral von Finanzprofis und Bankern steht regelmäßig in der öffentlichen Kritik. Eine experimentelle Studie von Wirtschaftsforschern zeigt nun: Die Finanzexperten agieren im Rahmen ihrer Branche ehrlicher als in abstrakten Entscheidungssituationen. Unterschiedliche soziale Normen und die Sorge um einen möglichen Reputationsverlust der Branche könnten dieses Verhalten erklären. (more…)

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Pandemic shows central banks may be better off working together

MU study provides evidence suggesting that countries using similar economic policies during an economic crisis is best for the global economy.

A new University of Missouri Trulaske College of Business study suggests that when different countries make similar economic decisions during financial crises, the global economy improves much more quickly than if they act in their own self-interest. (more…)

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Finanz­pro­dukte: Warum wir Risi­ko falsch be­wer­ten

In einem groß angelegten Experiment hat ein Forscherteam mit Beteiligung der Uni Innsbruck erhoben, wie Laien und Finanzexperten das Risiko von Finanzprodukten wahrnehmen. Ein Fazit: Die Forscher fordern mehr Information bei Finanzprodukten. Die Studie erschien kürzlich im Fachjournal „Management Science“. (more…)

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How to Make Money Easily Creating a Treasure Hunt Business

Do you love the thrill of a treasure hunt? What if you could turn treasure hunting into a real business? Learn how to flesh out your ideas and turn treasure hunting into a viable, profitable business. From planning to promotion and finding prizes, we cover all the steps to success. (more…)

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Shaping a business for the future

UD research explores one firm’s process behind weaving its success

A research team from the University of Delaware and the Indian Institute of Management took a deeper look into the newly emerging domain of “forward-looking” business strategies and found that firms have far more ability to actively influence the future of their markets than once thought.  (more…)

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Is it Safe to Shop Online Amid Coronavirus Situation?

In just a few months, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the personal and professional life of all individuals in one way or the other. With the growing number of people getting affected with corona virus in the US, Asia and Europe. The economic and financial activities are probably suffering the most due to this deadly virus. With the help of self isolation practices, it is possible to combat and control this deadly virus. With all major industries being locked down, many people are conducting their business activities online. One such industry which is expected to grow a lot through this major shift is the e-commerce industry. (more…)

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