What are the Benefits of Corporate Video Production?

Videos are powerful tools in the digital age. They are excellent for entertainment and communication. Businesses produce some of the most creative and sometimes controversial advertisements in the form of videos. However, corporations’ use of videos isn’t limited to corporate advertisement. Any well-oiled organization at least dabbles into corporate video production for various purposes outside of marketing.

Corporate videos are no longer a luxury for businesses. The cost of video production has fallen to the point that those who don’t take advantage of it are technically handicapped. Corporate videos are a great way of promoting new projects, training employees, presenting new products, communicating internally, and humanizing an organization. Before we go in-depth about the benefits of corporate video production, it’s important to understand the basics.

What is a corporate video?

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Simply put, a corporate video is any video created by an organization for internal or external communications. Unlike videos for marketing, corporate videos have a specific target audience instead of just the general public. Some forms of corporate videos include but are not limited to promotional videos, training videos, conference videos, and CSR videos.

Corporate videos humanize and build trust

A well-made video advertisement will promote the quality of a business’s products and services and influence customers’ purchase decisions. However, one thing these ads can’t do is humanize a corporation. Corporate advertisement is crucial for maintaining or growing sales, but if an organization fails to make a connection with its customers and the community, it won’t earn a positive reputation.

If the audience’s image of your company is built solely on ads that are convincing them to give you their money, all they will think of you is a cold and calculating entity that only cares about profit. With corporate video production, this doesn’t have to be the case.

humans that are like them in more ways than one.

People will buy a product or avail of services solely based on its quality and value, but they will only stick with a brand if they find them trustworthy. Being humanized brings a corporation closer to its customers, helping build trust.

Producing CSR videos is another great way of humanizing a corporation, given that it’s executed well. The key is to choose the right partner to make your corporate videos.

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Corporate videos have an edge on the Internet

Corporate advertisements, especially videos, are limited by the costs and the maximum duration platforms allow. On the other hand, corporate videos cost way less and have freedom in terms of duration. Corporate videos can be as long as they need to be (although shorter is better most of the time), and since you can post them on your company’s website, they aren’t as expensive.

Furthermore, corporate videos are favored by search engines. Having corporate videos that are well-made, well-documented, and have a proper description and tags can get a higher SEO ranking. Meaning web surfers are more likely to find your company among other companies that provide the same products and services.

Corporate videos enhance communication

Emails and chats are effective ways to communicate, but videos offer something better. It introduces a visual dimension to communication. Instead of struggling to make business partners, superiors, or colleagues picture what you’re trying to describe, you can just include a video that shows what exactly you mean. Corporate videos can take the form of training videos that enhance your employees’ learning. They can relay information in a way that words can’t, making them fantastic in proposing projects, presenting financial reports, disseminating internal changes, and many others.


Corporate video production is a practice that every business today, big or small, should follow if they seek growth. Corporate videos are beneficial not only for a company’s image but also for its internal operations.

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