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Helping adolescents understand the consequences of risky sexual behavior

Both parents and health care providers wonder: What is the best way to get through to adolescents about the dangers of risky sexual behavior? Research by investigators from Yale School of Medicine and the Yale play2PREVENT Lab finds that both positive and negative messaging may influence adolescent behavior. The study is published online in the journal Health Education Research.

The researchers write that 48% of high school students have had sex, and 6% had sex by the age of 13. Beginning sexual activity at an early age increases the risk of multiple partners, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections. A full half of all new sexually transmitted infections in the United States occur in individuals aged 15 to 25. (more…)

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How technology killing your sex relationship

In our life, technology is an essential part in our life, which we will never ignore it. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that sometimes technology comes as a wall in our relationship. Therefore, we fall on it and make our life more miserable as well. Particularly, it is felt very much in our sex relationship as well. The reason is that the technology comes as an intruder in our privacy time. Therefore, that, if we could not immediately avoid it during our privacy time, then our relationship will be suffered also. When we are in any kind of sexual activity, then we should be careful about it. Therefore, that it can hamper our high time in our personal physical journey as well. 

Phone call

When you are engaged in sexual activity, then if you get the phone call, you should immediately ignore it. Otherwise, your exploration in the sexual world will be incomplete. Therefore, you should make yourself stubborn in your conviction that you will never receive any phone call during your sexual journey as well. Actually, what happens is that when you will receive the phone call during sexual activity, your partner will be upset most. Therefore, you should be careful in this matter. Otherwise, your relationship with your partner will never see the reality as well.  (more…)

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Living in Poor Area as Teen Could Increase Risk for Chlamydia in Young Adulthood

Study Points to Need for Interventions That Address Neighborhood Poverty

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Living in a poor neighborhood as an adolescent is linked to an increased risk of getting the sexually transmitted infection (STI) chlamydia in young adulthood, according to new research.

Ohio State University researchers analyzed data from a large national study that tracked youths over time. The analysis suggested that children who lived in poor neighborhoods during their teenage years had an almost 25 percent greater risk of having chlamydia in their early 20s – even if they themselves weren’t poor – than did teenagers living in wealthier settings. (more…)

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Science Supports Sex Addiction as a Legitimate Disorder

UCLA researchers test proposed criteria for diagnosing ‘hypersexual disorder’

The idea that an individual might suffer from a sexual addiction is great fodder for radio talk shows, comedians and late night TV. But a sex addiction is no laughing matter. Relationships are destroyed, jobs are lost, lives ruined.

Yet psychiatrists have been reluctant to accept the idea of out-of-control sexual behavior as a mental health disorder because of the lack of scientific evidence.

Now a UCLA-led team of experts has tested a proposed set of criteria to define “hypersexual disorder,” also known as sexual addiction, as a new mental health condition. (more…)

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Adolescent Sexual Behavior Tied to Motion Picture Sexual Content Exposure, Says MU Researcher

Results Important to Parents/Motion Picture Industry

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Young people who watch more sexual content from movies also tend to engage in more sexual behavior and begin sexual activity at an earlier age, according to a University of Missouri researcher’s study.

“We can’t say that watching sexual content in movies is directly responsible for adolescents’ sexual behavior,” said Ross O’Hara, currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Missouri, who conducted the research with other psychological scientists while at Dartmouth College. “However, there is a correlation between the two. Sensation seeking, or the tendency to seek more novel and intense sexual stimulation, does seem to increase in young people who watched more movies with sexually explicit content.” (more…)

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