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7 Tips on How to Choose the Right wheelchair

Wheelchairs turn out to be a great aid for someone with mobility issues or disabilities. Since the elderly are more prone to a mobility issue, it can give them the freedom to commute from one place to another. Also, they can use them to supply their hobbies and play sports. A wheelchair can also serve as a tool to carry small activities in the house and outdoors, conveniently. However, picking a wheelchair for yourself and your loved one might not be a simple process. Matching one’s need with the endless options available, it can be a daunting task, and more so confusing. (more…)

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Corporate greed

Research tracks relationships between CEO greed and company performance

That gut feeling many workers, laborers and other underlings have about their CEOs is spot on, according to three recent studies in the Journal of Management, the Journal of Management Studies and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies that say CEO greed is bad for business. (more…)

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