7 Tips on How to Choose the Right wheelchair

Wheelchairs turn out to be a great aid for someone with mobility issues or disabilities. Since the elderly are more prone to a mobility issue, it can give them the freedom to commute from one place to another. Also, they can use them to supply their hobbies and play sports. A wheelchair can also serve as a tool to carry small activities in the house and outdoors, conveniently. However, picking a wheelchair for yourself and your loved one might not be a simple process. Matching one’s need with the endless options available, it can be a daunting task, and more so confusing.

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With the high durability of a wheelchair, its purchasing is probably a one time buy, and you want to be sure that you make the right choice. Let us go through the various factors that you can keep in mind before purchasing a wheelchair.

  1. Go for a foldable version

The portability of your ride plays a major role when it comes to choosing the right wheelchair for yourself, you may want to carry your ride wherever you go may that be a short car trip to the countryside, or traveling overseas to see your family and friends. A foldable electric wheelchair can give you an opportunity for compact storage that can get into the back seat of your car or the luggage compartment in the plane. Choose a wheelchair that comes with quick and easy arranging, and dismantling options, so that carrying becomes comfortable.

  1. Check for comfort features

Comfort plays a key role when it comes to a gear where a person may spend hours seated, the seating space, the cushioning, and the backrest it provides might be few that you would like to check. You can also look for the leg spacing it provides and if it is adjustable according to the height of the person sitting on it. You can look for a swing away leg rest, as it can rotate sideways to let a person sit more comfortably. Likewise, an elevating leg rest has calf pads that can rise to provide support and prevent swelling. You may also check for the length of the armrest, it can be desk length or full length. Checking individually for each feature will help you match better with your needs.

  1. Keep an eye on the material of the chair

The material composition of the wheelchair makes a huge difference to its weight. A wheelchair is primarily made out of four materials, steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Of which, steel is the heaviest, the aluminum and titanium chairs are lighter, and carbon fiber is the lightest of them all. Before you make your final choice, you must take the price and durability factors into account too. Depending on the use, and the fact that you often need to carry the wheelchair places, go for a material that is sturdy as well as easy to carry around.

  1. Size and dimension of the system and accessory

While searching for the right wheelchair, the size and the width of the wheelchair become important things to consider. Your wheelchair should provide enough space for a person to sit and let some space for movement. Also, it should not be broad to hinder navigation through tight spaces and paths. Likewise, the right seat to floor height makes for comfortable leg positioning and navigation without hurting the legs of the carrier. The different models may offer different height and width, measure and find a specific one to suit your needs.

  1. Check for the performance

The performance of a wheelchair is dependent on several factors that may include the sturdiness and stability of the system to handle weight across slopes and tiny bumps without losing the balance of the ride. Maneuvering system and control must be user friendly and simple, you may want to check how smoothly it navigates along with the turns and sharp curves.

  1. Battery efficiency plays an important role

You might be buying an electric wheelchair or supplying your manual chairs with resources like a power-driven system that requires charging in the form of electricity or a battery. Any failure in the management of the battery can lead to a bad situation for a wheelchair user. Get a rundown on various options like, if you want to get a ‘wet battery’ that requires you to add distilled water periodically, or a gel-based battery and find what will be convenient for you to maintain in the long run.

  1. Choosing between various options

Luckily, wheelchairs come in variants to suit your personal needs. There are recliner wheelchairs that offer you extra comfort with a tall backseat. Likewise, active wheelchairs with smooth operating handles and motors are meant for users with an active lifestyle. A standing wheelchair allows users to stand while they ride. With a number of options in the market, you may research and match the right wheelchair to your lifestyle needs.

Wheelchairs are expensive, with the state of the art technology and the use of high-grade material like carbon fiber, the cost of the machinery comes up. But the good news is you can cover the cost of a motorized wheelchair in medical insurance after getting it prescribed from a doctor. In certain cases, you can also deduct the cost and maintenance of aid like a wheelchair from your taxes. You can consult your agencies to know about the right pick so that it can provide for a cover or claim.

A wheelchair can bring back confidence in seniors by removing their fear of dependence. It makes them self-reliant, and anything that adds so much value to the life of your loved one is worth all that effort of screening and buying the right aid.

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