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Aztec Conquest Altered Genetics among Early Mexico Inhabitants, New DNA Study Shows

AUSTIN, Texas — For centuries, the fate of the original Otomí inhabitants of Xaltocan, the capital of a pre-Aztec Mexican city-state, has remained unknown. Researchers have long wondered whether they assimilated with the Aztecs or abandoned the town altogether.

According to new anthropological research from The University of Texas at Austin, Wichita State University and Washington State University, the answers may lie in DNA. Following this line of evidence, the researchers theorize that some original Otomies, possibly elite rulers, may have fled the town. Their exodus may have led to the reorganization of the original residents within Xaltocan, or to the influx of new residents, who may have intermarried with the Otomí population. (more…)

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Invading Species Can Extinguish Native Plants Despite Recent Reports

TORONTO, ON – Ecologists at the University of Toronto and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) have found that, given time, invading exotic plants will likely eliminate native plants growing in the wild despite recent reports to the contrary.

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reports that recent statements that invasive plants are not problematic are often based on incomplete information, with insufficient time having passed to observe the full effect of invasions on native biodiversity. (more…)

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An Interview with Mr. Charles Smith: ‘School Violence and Free Access to Weapons’

Charles Smith is a native of Southeast Ohio and attended Ohio University where he earned a degree in education. After several years teaching high school social studies, he returned to Ohio University and completed his Masters Degree in Political Science, focusing on American Politics and Political Philosophy.  In the fall of 1998 Charles moved to Columbus to begin work on his PhD in Political Science at Ohio State.  Two years ago he left the graduate program to work full time for the Political Science department. Currently Charles is the internship director and academic advisor for Political Science. He is also a popular lecturer, teaching courses on such diverse topics as the American Presidency, Civil Liberties, and Gun Control.

Very recently we spoke with Mr. Smith about school violence and free access to weapons in America.

Q. When such tragic incidents like the one in Newtown happen, how it affects the society in general?

A: In recent years, the United States has seen an increase in mass shootings.  In general, Americans’ attitudes follow the five steps of grief (loss). We begin by denying that this could happen, we become angry and then direct that anger at third parties or inanimate objects (the firearms used), we bargain (“If only ______”), we become depressed and, finally, we accept. (more…)

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Environmental Issues: How True the Climate Changes Affecting Biodiversity

A changing climate has implications on biodiversity without any doubt. Species in the past have been sensitive to changes in the climate; that has been proved time and again by the fossilized remains and pollen distribution studies. It has been seen or can be concluded safely that climate changes have led to extinction of species in one area and colonization in another.

It is improbable that all species can or will be able to adapt to changing conditions specially the sudden changes. This leads to impact in ecosystem dynamics and also on community composition. (more…)

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