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Ready for a Super-Fast Internet? UA Scientists Are Fast at Work on It

The College of Optical Sciences is leading an effort to develop a technology that marries electronics with optics.

Removing barriers along the way to a blazingly fast Internet is the declared goal of scientists at the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences who are leading an international consortium tasked with developing new technology to make it happen. (more…)

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Coming Soon to a Server Near You: Fewer Internet Delays

Researchers at the UA-led Center for Integrated Access Networks, the largest optical research center in the U.S., are developing methods to improve transmission speed, efficiency and reliability of Internet content, including everything from cell phone calls or texts to emails and television.

If you’ve ever received an email or text hours after it was sent and privately raged at having missed a deadline, or twiddled your thumbs while waiting for a webpage to load, then you’ve been a victim of Internet latency.

Latency can occur for a number of reasons associated with disruption of an information lane such as an electronic wire or fiber optic cable, or from an overload of Internet-based messaging that can occur with increased network traffic. (more…)

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The Internet of Tomorrow: Faster, Better and Cheaper

*The UA, USC and other institutions are building the future of communications using light.*

Researchers from the University of Arizona, the University of Southern California and seven other institutions are attempting to save the Internet by making it cheaper, faster and better.

With the rising demand for Internet access outstripping the existing Internet capacity, scientists are turning to optoelectronic technology – transmitting data using light. The technology is well-established but is still being developed in order to handle the increasing data loads that users require. (more…)

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