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‘Visual Studio 11’ Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta Make Software Development Fast, Collaborative and Focused

*New version of Microsoft’s flagship development environment simplifies common workflows, reduces user interface complexities and streamlines application lifecycle management, improving collaboration for developers and teams.*

REDMOND, Wash. — Designing software, creating code and then bringing a product to market is an incredibly complex affair — and it’s becoming more complex by the minute as software users demand greater integration between applications, across devices and among services. To help integrate cross-functional teams and help developers accomplish goals more efficiently, Microsoft will release code-named “Visual Studio 11” Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta on Feb. 29.

“Visual Studio 11” is an integrated solution that helps individuals and development teams of any size to be productive and focused, to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and to turn their ideas into exceptional and compelling applications. (more…)

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New Study to Test Unusual Hypothesis on Beta Brainwaves

Beta oscillations are tightly linked to Parkinson’s disease and the ability to process sensory information, such as touch. Two neuroscientists have brought their collaboration to Brown University and won funding from the National Science Foundation to see if they can finally provide a definitive, if unorthodox, explanation for beta brainwaves.

Before she could seek to convince the world that her computer model of a key brain circuit explains a fundamental, 80-year-old mystery of neuroscience with potential relevance to Parkinson’s disease, Stephanie Jones sought to convince Christopher Moore. The new Brown neuroscience professors are now close collaborators, but when they first started talking about the beta oscillations of the cortex, Moore thought Jones was plain wrong, if not a bit nuts. (more…)

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Yahoo! Introduces Search Direct – A Simpler Way to Find Answers Fast

*New Yahoo! search technology adds immediate, rich media content, going beyond just links* 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 23, 2011 – Yahoo!, the premier digital media company, today announced Search Direct, which delivers answers and direct access to websites before you complete a query, hit the search button, or go to a search results page. This search innovation supports Yahoo!’s strategy to fundamentally shift the way people experience the Web – by providing the richest, most integrated content faster and more efficiently. 

This new feature, currently in beta, taps into Yahoo!’s unique opportunity to combine content and structured data and to provide a rich search experience. Search Direct predicts search results as fast as a person types, character by character, and presents those results dynamically, generating a fast, simple search experience that goes beyond a list of blue links.  Search Direct rolls out in a public beta to Yahoo! users across the U.S. today, and will be available in other Yahoo! products and markets later this year.  (more…)

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Gorillaz Go Ape for Internet Explorer 9 Beta

REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 22, 2010 Much has been said about Internet Explorer 9 since last week’s beta launch, but the most colorful descriptions likely come from an unlikely source: a cartoon bass player touting IE9 as a “wizard’s portal” and “pirate’s dream.”


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