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21. Oct 2019

Facebook Users in Argentina Spend 9 Hours a Month on Site, Second Only to Israel in User Engagement

*comScore to Host Complimentary Webinar “The State of the Internet in Argentina” on June 14*

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 9, 2011 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study on Internet usage in Argentina from its online audience measurement and media planning solution comScore Media Metrix. The study found that Microsoft Sites led all web properties in audience size in April reaching more than 95 percent of the online population, while visitors averaged the most time on at 8.8 hours per visitor during the month. These findings and others will be presented via a live webinar, The State of the Internet in Argentina, on June 14. For more information and to register, please visit:

Microsoft Sites Sees Most Visitors, Accounts for Largest Share of Time

In April 2011, nearly 13 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Argentina spending an average of 26.9 hours online during the month. Microsoft Sites led as the most-visited online property reaching nearly 12.4 million unique visitors, representing 95.1 percent of the entire online population. Google Sites ranked second with nearly 12.3 million visitors (94.3 percent), followed by with 11.5 million visitors (88.6 percent). In terms of user engagement, led the way with visitors averaging 8.8 hours on the property during the course of April. When compared to markets globally, Argentina’s users average the second highest amount of time on behind Israel – where visitors averaged 10.6 hours during April.

Top Internet Properties by Total Unique Visitors in Argentina

April 2011

Total Argentina Internet Audience*, Age 15+Home & Work Locations

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach Average Minutes per Visitor
Total Internet : Total Audience 12,991 100.0% 1,614.9
Microsoft Sites 12,353 95.1% 409.0
Google Sites 12,256 94.3% 181.0 11,504 88.6% 527.8
Yahoo! Sites 8,942 68.8% 36.4
Grupo Clarin 5,989 46.1% 56.8
TARINGA.NET 5,981 46.0% 26.4
MercadoLibre 5,329 41.0% 43.2
Wikimedia Foundation Sites 5,319 40.9% 10.3
Terra – Telefonica 4,976 38.3% 10.6
Grupo La Nacion 4,263 32.8% 22.6

*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

Younger Users Lead Way for Internet Usage in Argentina

A demographic analysis of Internet users in Argentina revealed that males and females composed nearly equal parts of the online population. Males accounted for 50.5 percent of online users, while females accounted for 49.5 percent of users. Young users accounted for the largest share of visitors among each gender with males 15-24 accounting for 15 percent of the online population, while females 15-24 accounted for 14.2 percent of visitors.

Young users also averaged the most minutes online with males between the ages of 15-24 averaging 33.7 hours during April, followed by females age 15-24 with 31.4 hours during the month. Users age 15-34 accounted for nearly 60 percent of all time spent online in Argentina.

Demographic Analysis of Internet Users in Argentina

April 2011

Total Argentina Internet Audience*, Age 15+Home & Work Locations

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Target Audience (000) % Composition Unique Visitors Average Hours per Visitor % Composition Minutes
Total Audience 12,991 100.0% 26.9 100.0%
All Males (15+) 6,566 50.5% 26.9 50.5%
Male: 15-24 1,952 15.0% 33.7 18.8%
Males: 25-34 1,681 12.9% 24.9 12.0%
Males: 35-44 1,206 9.3% 22.5 7.8%
Male: 45-54 936 7.2% 25.1 6.7%
Male: 55+ 790 6.1% 23.0 5.2%
All Females (15+) 6,425 49.5% 27.0 49.5%
Female: 15-24 1,845 14.2% 31.4 16.6%
Females: 25-34 1,627 12.5% 23.3 10.9%
Females: 35-44 1,177 9.1% 25.4 8.5%
Female: 45-54 923 7.1% 25.5 6.7%
Female: 55+ 853 6.6% 28.0 6.8%

*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

comScore will present further insights on this topic as well as other key trends in Argentina’s online market during a live, complimentary webinar, The State of the Internet in Argentina, on Tuesday, June 14 from 11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT. For more information and to register, please visit:

comScore will also be presenting The State of the Internet in Argentina in conjunction with the IAB Argentina on June 9 at the University of Palermo:

“According to the goals set in the IAB in 2010, and thanks to comScore´s contribution, today we have the possibility of having the second presentation of the ‘State of the Internet in Argentina’ with information updated as of 2011, including audience characteristics and insights into how users engage with various online content across the web,” said Bernardita Valencia, President of Measurements Committee of IAB.

“The IAB Argentina made a promise to the industry, the promise was to have updated and reliable Internet audience measurement metrics. Working alongside comScore, we now have access to trusted audience insights in Argentina which will allow us to demonstrate to advertisers the relevance and importance of investing in digital as part of their campaigns,” said Alejandro Fishman, President IAB Argentina. “comScore’s global reputation as a leading provider of quality audience measurement will help bring a further level of clarity and transparency to Argentina’s growing digital industry.”

*Source: comScore

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