Yahoo! Launches Shine Latina for Today’s Bicultural, Bilingual Woman

The Leading Website for Women’s Lifestyle Content Adds Latina Spice

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Yahoo! Inc., the premier digital media company, today unveiled Shine Latina – a home for bicultural Latina lifestyle content, within Yahoo! Shine, a top site for women’s lifestyle content in the U.S. with more than 34 million unique visitors a month*.

Shine Latina takes a unique look at women’s interests and approaches them with content in English, with nods to Hispanic cultural identity. The site – created by and for bicultural Latinas – brings Hispanic women together to share insights, spark conversations and build a community. From news, lifestyle, food and beauty topics to parenting, career, and relationship advice, Latinas of various ages will be able to find quality original content, videos and recommendations they can relate to at a personal level and truly relevant to their tastes, cultural background and heritage.

“Shine reaches 3.57M U.S. Hispanics every month, more than any other Hispanic site,” said Javier Garcia, general manager of Yahoo!’s U.S. Hispanic business. “By offering culturally-relevant original content in Shine produced by our bicultural editorial team we aim to form deep emotional connections with bicultural Latinas at an unprecedented scale.”

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., accounting for 16% of the nation’s total population with more than 50.5 million Latinos in the country.** With more than 23.77 million unique Hispanic users per a month, Yahoo! is a top digital media destination for U.S. Hispanics***.

A Yahoo! Insights study on Minorities Online concludes that bicultural Hispanics prefer a culturally targeted approach versus a language driven approach when navigating the digital media. As such, Yahoo! continues to strengthen both Spanish-language content on Yahoo! en Español and program relevant English content for Latinos across Yahoo!’s leading media properties.

Since its launch in 2008, Yahoo! Shine has established itself as a source of quality content for women, becoming a forum where real women share their experiences and tips for better living and emerging as the largest stand-alone site within the women’s lifestyle category. Shine’s blogging platform has over 5,000 contributors and is backed by a community of over one million fans on Facebook. One of the largest drivers on Yahoo! Shine is original video programming. Most recently, Yahoo! launched The Shine, which features topical newsmakers, celebrities, the Editors of Yahoo! Shine, and moms from all over the country tackling the latest trends in parenting, fashion, beauty, relationships, health, careers, personal finance, home decor, and food.

“Yahoo! Shine is already an indispensable resource for over 34 million users every month. We are confident that Shine Latina will soon grow a loyal following and become a staple in many Hispanic women’s daily lives who will find their voice through this new site,” added Javier Garcia.

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Source: Yahoo!

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