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Some Harmful Effects of Light at Night Can Be Reversed, Study Finds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Chronic exposure to dim light at night can lead to depressive symptoms in rodents – but these negative effects can be reversed simply by returning to a standard light-dark cycle, a new study suggests.

While hamsters exposed to light at night for four weeks showed evidence of depressive symptoms, those symptoms essentially disappeared after about two weeks if they returned to normal lighting conditions.

Even changes in the brain that occurred after hamsters lived with chronic light at night reversed themselves after returning to a more normal light cycle. (more…)

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Sleep More to Avoid Car Accidents and Bad Days at Work

Less than seven hours of sleep each night is leading to a host of sleep-related problems including drowsy driving and difficulty concentrating at work, according to two new studies released on Thursday.

Roughly one-third of adults in 12 states reported getting less than seven hours of sleep each night with about the same number saying they’ve unintentionally dozed off during the day, according to one of the studies on sleep-related behavior from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (more…)

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