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Brexit kostet britische Volkswirtschaft 300 Millionen Pfund wöchentlich

Wissenschaftler berechnen direkte Auswirkungen des geplanten EU-Ausstiegs auf die Wirtschaftskraft

Der Brexit kommt die britische Volkswirtschaft teuer zu stehen: Nach Berechnungen von Wirtschaftswissenschaftlern hat der geplante Ausstieg aus der EU bereits einen Rückgang des Bruttoinlandsprodukts um 1,3 Prozent bewirkt. (more…)

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Q&A: Economic ‘Prophet’ Now Showing Classes How Theory Translates into Practice

Stephen Roach is a respected authority on Asia — China in particular — and an often-cited and widely recognized prophet on the global economy.

Until recently chair of Morgan Stanley Asia and long the firm’s chief economist, Roach came to Yale in 2010 as a senior fellow in the newly inaugurated Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, with a joint appointment at the School of Management (SOM). This spring Roach announced he would be retiring from Morgan Stanley after 30 years with the firm to teach full time at Yale.

YaleNews recently met with the economist in his office to discuss his new career as a teacher and to get his prognosis on the future of the world economy. (more…)

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