comScore Ranks Web Properties and Site Categories in Spain

*More Than 90 Percent of the Spanish Internet Population Uses the Web for Search and Social Networking*

MADRID, Spain, 26 October, 2010 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a ranking of the top ten Web properties and categories in Spain based on the comScore Media Metrix audience measurement service for September 2010. The data revealed that each of the top ten web properties in Spain have grown over the past year, with Facebook exhibiting the strongest growth with a 49 percent increase. The most visited categories in Spain were Portals, which reached 99.5 percent of the total Internet audience, Search/Navigation (92.1 percent reach) and Social Networking (90.1 percent reach).

Microsoft and Google Lead Top 10 Web Properties, Facebook Shows Strongest Growth

In September 2010, Microsoft Sites ranked as the top property with 20.9 million unique visitors age 15 and older, reaching nearly 100 percent of the Spanish internet audience. Google Sites (which includes ranked second with 19.6 million unique visitors, up 17 percent versus last year. Facebook showed the fastest growth among the top ten properties with a 49 percent increase to 14.2 million visitors.

While the top five properties are comprised entirely of global Internet brands (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Wikimedia Foundation), the Spanish publishing house Grupo Prisa ranked sixth in the market. Grupo Prisa grew 13 percent during the past year, attracting nearly 8.8 million visitors to its sites, which includes leading Spanish newspaper El País. Additional companies in the top ten were Schibsted (which includes Anuntis, Infojobs and 20minutos) with 8.7 million visitors (up 15 percent), RCS Media group with 8.7 million visitors (up 12 percent), Terra Telefonica with 8.6 million visitors (up 19 percent), and social networking site Tuenti with 8.3 million visitors (up 21 percent).

Top 10 Web Properties in Spain
September 2010 vs. September 2009
Total Spanish Audience, Age 15+* – Home & Work Locations**
Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000)
  Sep-2009 Sep-2010 % Change
Total Internet Persons: 15+ 19,836 20,910 5 %
Microsoft Sites 15,592 20,866 34 %
Google Sites 16,756 19,625 17 % 9,527 14,177 49 %
Yahoo! Sites 10,143 10,722 6 %
Wikimedia Foundation Sites 7,578 9,013 19 %
Grupo Prisa 7,766 8,757 13 %
Schibsted 7,604 8,716 15 %
RCS Media Group 7,791 8,693 12 %
Terra – Telefonica 7,241 8,620 19 % 6,854 8,285 21 %

*Starting October 2009 data, comScore reportable universe for Spain has moved from 15+ to 6+. To make sure growth rates are not inflated the above data trend is based on a 15+ universe.
**Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDA.

Search and Social Networking Among the Top Online Activities in Spain

In September 2010, more than 99 percent of the 23.1 million Spanish internet users age 6 and older accessed a property in the Portals category, most notably Microsoft and Yahoo!. The Search/Navigation category also ranked near the top with 21.2 million users, followed by Social Networking with 20.8 million unique visitors. 

Top 10 Website Categories in Spain Ranked by Unique Visitors (000)*
September 2010
Total Spanish Audience Age 6+ – Home & Work Locations**
Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet: Total Audience 23,067 100.0 %
Portals 22,955 99.5 %
Search/Navigation 21,234 92.1 %
Social Networking 20,792 90.1 %
E-mail 16,827 72.9 %
Multimedia 16,350 70.9 %
Blogs 15,040 65.2 %
Downloads 13,425 58.2 %
Photos 12,765 55.3 %
Newspapers 12,758 55.3 %
Sports 12,546 54.4 %
Reference 12,487 54.1 %

*Excludes Corporate Presence, Promotional Servers and Platforms.
**Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDA.

“Spain is a growing Internet market where the audience is becoming more engaged and going online with greater frequency,” said General Manager for Iberia, Jaime Agulló. “One of the key drivers of this increase is the advancement of social media, with sites like Tuenti and Facebook becoming a more and more important part of Spanish Internet users’ daily lives, which of course presents additional opportunities for marketers and advertisers.”

*Source: comScore

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