3 Google Tools that Can Have a Major Impact on Learning and Education

Google is undoubtedly the god of the internet and technology in today’s society. As the number one search engine on the web and the leader in internet and device technology, Google is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Some of the smartest and most creative brains in the industry are working for the tech giant, developing new tools, applications, and websites to further education and access online.

There’s no denying that Google has revolutionized the way in which the internet is used. That being said, Google has also had an immeasurable impact on the world of academics. With endless information right at our fingertips and unbelievable tools available at all times, Google has created tools for learning that in many cases haven’t even been fully realized. These three Google creations are amazing tools that can impact and improve learning and education around the world.

Google Earth

Educators and individuals can use Google Earth to help study geography, geology, urbanization, and much more in a more innovation and creative way. Google Earth allows users to explore all areas of the world with a three dimensional view. Teachers and learners can use Google Earth to take a “virtual fieldtrip” anywhere in the world. Explore natural landforms, urban landscapes, and rural scenery all from the ease of your computer or right from the classroom. Google Earth has a Historical Imagery feature that allows users to explore areas of the world throughout history. Students can explore the history of urban planning with a more interactive and hands-on approach. Topics such as the industrial revolution and other urban subjects lend themselves well to this Google learning tool.

Google Art Project

This amazing tool allows anyone across the globe to explore museums and art exhibits throughout the world right from his or her computer. Explore hundreds of different famous buildings and galleries throughout the world and view thousands of world-famous artworks. You can take a 360 degree view of palaces in London or get a view of famous Picasso paintings at any angle. The possibilities of this online tool are endless for the world of art education and cultural exploration. This tool can be used for lessons in art, history, and so much more. Discover the different aesthetic influences from various points in history all from the comfort and ease of your personal computer.


This web tool opens up many avenues for the educational world. Panoramio is a web forum where users can collect photos of various sites around the world. These photos are uploaded to the forum and displayed on a virtual map of the world so that users can explore other users’ photos. This tool can be used as a way to take an interactive trip to amazing site throughout the world. The forum is dedicated to “cool places”, so that people can share their experiences at those places and others can interact and engage with those places even when they are not able to make the actual trip there. Art students can use this Google tool to study ancient architecture, history enthusiasts can explore famous battlegrounds, and much more. Because Panoramio is a community environment, students can participate in collaborate learning environment and gain a lot from peers all across the world.

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