Yahoo! Names Top Fantasy Football Cities – Green Bay No. 1

*Four Quarters, Four Screens: Catch Yahoo! Fantasy Football on TVs, Tablets, Mobile Phones and Computers*

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)— Yahoo! named Green Bay — home to the reigning Super Bowl champions — the Official Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football City of 2011, with one in 29 Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football players per capita during the 2010 season. Yahoo! also announced that its No. 1 ranked fantasy football experience will be available across four screens in time for the first NFL regular season game.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football is the No. 1 fantasy football platform in the industry — and not just in Green Bay. During the NFL season, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports alone receives more visitors than all of, and more time is spent playing Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football than is spent on sites such as, FOX Sports, CBS Sports,,,, Disney Online, and Wikipedia.* Fans can sign up at And in 2011 Yahoo! Sports is ensuring that its games capture the changing trends as to how users access information by providing them with access to their teams regardless of device or location.

In 2010, mobile fantasy football users more than doubled from 2009, according to Yahoo! data. Additionally, a recent survey conducted by Yahoo!/Razorfish shows that more than 76 percent of men go online while at live sporting events to check out scores of other games, research stats, or look up player information. To meet the demand for constant access no matter what device people choose to use, for the first time Yahoo! Sports is providing fans with the ability to access their fantasy football games no matter what screen they are using — computers, mobile phones, TVs or tablets.

“As the No. 1 sports site online as well as the top destination for fantasy football, Yahoo! Sports is providing our millions of fans with the most timely, easy to use and accessible ways to stay on top of their leagues,” said Ken Fuchs, vice president of the Yahoo! Media Network. “Whether you’re on the couch watching the game with a laptop, tablet or a connected TV, or live in the stands with your phone, our anytime, anywhere, any device approach will keep our users updated, connected and linked to their teams and leagues 24/7 throughout the fantasy football season.”

In addition, having the best in class multi-screen platform provides advertisers ownership of an experience matched with creative ad solutions to reach passionate fantasy football fans at scale.

Yahoo! Plays the Field with Four Screens

The multi-screen Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football ‘11 experience will include:

  • View and manage rosters in real-time, seamlessly across screens
  • Real-time scores, stats, and breaking news
  • Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Live (
  • Fantasy football advice from leading experts Brandon Funston, Brad Evans and Andy Behrens

In addition to mobile apps and a web-based experience, fans who use Yahoo! Connected TV on Samsung, Sony, VIZIO or Toshiba sets can download the Fantasy Football TV app and receive updates without missing a moment of the game. The TV app will also be updated later this fall to include the ability for fans to stream fantasy football videos and make real-time roster changes right from their remotes.

Yahoo! Sports ‘11 Fantasy Football Cities

Using internal and market data, Yahoo! determined the top 10 NFL cities with the greatest number of Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football players per capita during the 2010 season. Fittingly, Green Bay, with its rich football history and home of the Super Bowl champion Packers, ranked first. The top 10 Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Cities for 2011 are:

  • Green Bay, WI
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Washington, DC
  • San Diego, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Pittsburgh, PA

* All sources can be credited to comScore Media Metrix, US, September 2010

*Source: Yahoo!

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