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Statue, Chapels and Animal Mummies Found in Egypt by U of T Team

Rare wood statue may be female pharaoh

A wooden statue of a king, a private offering chapel, a monumental building and remains of over 80 animal mummies found by a University of Toronto-led team in Abydos, Egypt reveal intriguing information about ritual activity associated with the great gods.

Professor Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner of the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations presented her team’s findings at a recent meeting of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities. (more…)

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‘Daughter of the Struggle’

*Ayanna Gregory celebrates heroes of civil rights movement*

Wearing a mauve-colored dress with flared sleeves that flowed with each dance step, soul singer, educator and activist Ayanna Gregory celebrated the history of the American civil rights movement with an evening of song and spoken word before an enthusiastic audience on Wednesday evening, Feb. 15, in the Gore Recital Hall of the University of Delaware’s Roselle Center for the Arts.

During her performance, “Daughter of the Struggle,” Gregory recalled what it was like growing up as one of 10 children of Lillian and Dick Gregory, the standup comedian who used his comic skills to tell Americans that segregation and racial bigotry were no laughing matter. (more…)

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MLK Speaker Geoffrey Canada Cautions Against Neglecting Young Americans

Welcoming the guests filling Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, President Robert J. Zimmer began the University’s Jan. 12 Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Celebration by reflecting on King’s first major address in Chicago. It was in Rockefeller Chapel that King spoke 56 years earlier.

“In 1956, Martin Luther King stood here in Rockefeller Chapel, speaking before 1,600 people,” Zimmer said, “and he implored the audience to continue the fight for justice.” (more…)

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