Michael, Michael, Michael

Want to cry loud and long, until you come back. 

Poor we are that we let us “miss You”. So deep, so unforgettable, that a fine sword of ‘pain and sorrow’ blitz through our hearts.

You had everything, as a ‘King’ should have. A Wonderful voice, a Great heart, and a magnificent black color. 

May be at a weak moment in your life, your unstoppable emotions led you to decide to try a way to pursue a ‘hard and painful’ path to turn your (surficial color) from black to white. But the cost went very high, both for you and for us. 

Whether we are black or white, yellow or brown, we loved you and, love you, ever and eternal. 

Whether you sleep in rest or walk in Heaven, wherever you are, You are, always and ever, our loving ‘Michael Jackson’ with a Wonderful voice, a Great heart, and a Magnificent black color.

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