From Penthouse to Prison

As Madoff heads to prison for the next 150 years, his legacy leaves good lessons for other Swindlers.

He is currently 71, so adding 150 years results into 221 years. This is far above normal human lifespan. So if the verdict will remain intact, Mr. Madoff will breathe his last breath in Prison. That’s a very painful thing even to think. 

Mr. Madoff was a gentleman, at least the people around him knew it like this. Slowly with time, one after the other Success, he might have gone out of all boundaries. Even most probably he never sat once to think of the ‘acts’ he is involved in. Or, the whole system could have no ‘exit door’ to leave the ‘Sin Vessel’. 

Obviously he was not the only one. We already know, he had a chain of people who ‘collected’ the diamonds for him, from wealthy clubs, golf courses, ‘rich-people parties’. But as Mr. Madoff didn’t mention this ‘hyperlink’, so they will remain at large. 

Although he said ‘sorry’ to his victims, but it doesn’t help anyone. After robbing off your targets, none of your regrets will console the victims. That’s just a kind of fun. 

However, if Mr. Madoff would not get caught by the Authority, he would probably still be continuing his adventure, and sometimes would celebrate it on the dock of the ‘Bull’.

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