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IBM Scientists Demonstrate Quantum Phenomenon for the First Time Using a Plastic Film

Originally predicted in the 1920s by Satyendranath Bose and Albert Einstein, applications could include energy-efficient lasers and optical switches, critical components for future computer systems processing Big Data

ZURICH – 10 Dec 2013: For the first time, scientists at IBM Research have demonstrated a complex quantum mechanical phenomenon known as Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC), using a luminescent polymer (plastic) similar to the materials in light emitting displays used in many of today’s smartphones.

This discovery has potential applications in developing novel optoelectronic devices including energy-efficient lasers and ultra-fast optical switches — critical components for powering future computer systems to process massive Big Data workloads. The use of a polymer material and the observation of BEC at room temperature provides substantial advantages in terms of applicability and cost.  (more…)

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Online Habits: Where Are We Going?

A study by Nielsen into the habits of Internet users in the United States of America might provide a guideline as to future Internet user habits round the globe, since the USA sets the trend in virtual reality. What were the findings of this study? For a start, a huge disparity in Internet access via PC and mobile means. And by 2014, the video will dominate nearly 100% of web-use?


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