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Addiction Treatment Graduates Describe Their Catalysts for Seeking Help

Most recovery survivors I talk to can tell me the exact moment they decided to seek treatment. For some, it’s a small push; for others, it’s a shove. The majority of these people have similar storylines, though everyone’s experience is unique. It’s true that a lot of people require multiple attempts at sobriety before it sticks, but ultimately everyone reaches a moment when they realize they’re truly in a life or death situation. (more…)

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Rose McDermott: The Political Genome

A recent review of research co-authored by Rose McDermott highlights the role that genes play in political preferences, an area of study that began to draw significant attention in the last decade. McDermott speaks with Courtney Coelho about this growing field of research, its evolutionary roots, and whether it means anything for the prediction of future election results.

The connection between biology and political science is relatively new, but it’s one that has grown rapidly, with a boom in research linking genetics and political preferences in the last decade. Rose McDermott, professor of political science, has done research on this topic and recently co-authored a review, published in Trends in Genetics, of studies in recent years. (more…)

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