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Patrick ‘Duffy’ De Armas: Bridging cultures with art inspired by hot rods and drag racers

Growing up in Phoenix, Patrick “Duffy” De Armas hung out at car shows, worked in a hot rod shop and drove a thunderous Chevy truck he lowered, cut up and amped for sound and speed. He loved big, loud, fast machines. But how did a boy from the desert who lived for jet boats and muscle cars become a rising artist changing Seattle’s landscape? (more…)

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Plants Send Out Signals Attracting Harmful Bacteria, MU Study Finds

Findings could lead to natural bacterial anti-infectives in food-producing plants

COLUMBIA, Mo. – When bacteria attack plants, they often inject harmful proteins into the host plants’ cells to weaken and suppress natural defenses. However, in some plants, bacteria attack once they’ve recognized the plant cells as a potential host. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have identified and replicated the process that allows the bacteria—known mostly for attacking tomatoes—to invade its host. This discovery could lead to natural anti-infective treatments that work with food-producing plants to enhance resistance to harmful bacteria in the field. (more…)

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