Orkut Continues to Lead Brazil’s Social Networking Market, Facebook Audience Grows Fivefold

*Twitter.com Reaches 23 Percent of Brazilians Online, Highest Reach in the World

comScore Releases Study on Social Media Usage in Brazil Finding Traffic to Social Networking and Blog Sites Increased 50 Percent in Past Year*

São Paulo, Brazil, October 7, 2010 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study on social media usage in Brazil during the month of August 2010. The study found that Orkut continued to lead Brazil’s social networking market, reaching more than 36 million unique visitors (15+ years of age, home and work environments only), while Facebook grew to nearly 9 million visitors, up from just 1.5 million visitors a year ago. Twitter.com also witnessed strong growth, nearly doubling its audience to 8.6 million visitors, with Brazil leading the world in terms of Twitter’s Internet user penetration at 23 percent.

“Social media accounts for nearly 20 percent of Brazilians’ time spent online, making it one of the top online activities in the country,” said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil and vice president for Latin America. “As the ninth largest Internet market in the world and one of the fastest growing, Brazil offers global marketers large and growing opportunities to reach consumers, with the social networking market representing one of the most efficient ways of doing that.”

Orkut Reigns as Social Networking Leader in Brazil

In August 2010, more than 36 million Internet users age 15 and older visited a social networking destination from a home or work location in Brazil, with an average visitor spending more than 4 hours a month on social networking sites and viewing 585 pages of content. Orkut ranked as the most-visited social networking destination, reaching 29.4 million visitors, followed by Windows Live Profile with 12.5 million visitors. Facebook.com secured the #3 spot with nearly 9 million visitors while Twitter.com reached 8.6 million visitors.

Orkut displayed by far the strongest audience engagement with visitors averaging 4.6 hours on the site during the month, viewing 657 pages of content on average and visiting the site on 35 different occasions.


Top Social Networking Sites in Brazil by Unique Visitors
August 2010
Total Brazil Internet Audience*, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000) Average Minutes per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor Average Visits per Visitor
Total Internet Persons: 15+ 37,527 1,561.0 2,109 58.0
Social Networking 36,059 252.6 585 32.4
Orkut 29,411 275.8 657 35.8
Windows Live Profile 12,529 5.5 12 3.7
Facebook.com 8,887 29.3 55 6.6
Twitter.com 8,621 31.8 44 7.5
Formspring.me 3,638 34.8 57 9.0
Sonico.com 1,711 10.0 15 2.9
Ning.com 1,570 6.4 10 2.4
LinkedIn.com 1,471 10.7 26 2.6
Multiply.com 1,349 3.6 5 1.6
Vostu.com 1,130 2.2 2 1.7

* Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Additional social media insights in Brazil include:

  • Traffic to Social Networking sites grew 51 percent in the past year, with sites in the category currently reaching more than 36 million visitors age 15 and older.
  • Facebook experienced triple-digital growth, increasing its audience 479 percent in the past year.
  • Traffic to Orkut grew 30 percent in the past year, while Twitter.com climbed 86 percent.
  • Twitter.com reached 23 percent of the entire Brazilian online population, the highest penetration in the world.
  • Visitation to the Blogs category grew 48 percent to 29 million visitors. Blogger ranked as the top blog destination with more than 21 million visitors.

Demographic Profile of Visitors to Facebook, Orkut and Twitter

A look at the demographic profile of visitors to Facebook.com, Orkut and Twitter.com across Brazil revealed varying levels of engagement by gender, age and geographic region. Females exhibited stronger engagement across the Social Networking category, as well as with the three individual brands. Women were 16 percent more likely to consume content on Social Networking sites than an average visitor. Facebook.com showed the strongest disparity with females consuming 31 percent more content on the site.

Looking at differences among age segments, younger users were more likely to view content on Orkut and Twitter.com than Facebook.com. Persons age 15-24 were 32 percent more likely to view content on Orkut than an average visitor and 36 percent more likely to do so on Twitter.com, while on Facebook.com this age group was 35 percent less likely than average. On the other hand, older age segments exhibited stronger engagement with content at Facebook.com with persons age 45-54 indexing at 141 and persons age 55 and older indexing at 135.

Across geographic regions in Brazil, visitors from the Southeast region which includes both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo were 16 percent more likely to view content on Facebook.com, with all other regions under indexing significantly. Orkut and Twitter.com displayed more balanced consumption patterns among visitors from various regions.


Demographic Profile for Visitors to Facebook.com, Orkut and Twitter.com
August 2010
Total Brazil Internet Audience*, Age 6+ – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Composition Index Page Views**
Social Networking


Facebook.com Orkut Twitter.com
Total Audience 100 100 100 100
All Males 84 69 84 81
All Females 116 131 116 119
Persons – Age        
Persons: 15-24 128 65 132 136
Persons: 25-34 89 110 88 81
Persons: 35-44 86 118 83 69
Persons: 45-54 84 141 80 105
Persons: 55+ 73 135 71 71
Center-west 94 86 94 86
North 103 27 107 101
Northeast 99 46 101 93
South 101 85 103 95
Southeast 100 116 100 103

* Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.
**Composition Index Page Views = % of Category or Site Page Views / % of Total Internet Page Views x 100; Index of 100 indicates average representation.

comScore Announces Social Media Monitoring

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*Source: comScore

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