China UFO

Well, till to-date UFO was sole property of the West, mainly U.S.’s. 

But now they are changing their strategy.

It looks like that UFO-people have now discovered a new horizon with more than 1 billion audiences.As we know that UFO-people are very intelligent, so most probably they came to their ‘realistic’ conclusion, hence decision, that the 300 M audiences of U.S. are far below any expectation.  

Well there’s no shame to admit that, we don’t know what they really expect from us? – May be some kind of green signal. 

But, let’s say, as the Americans failed to give any ‘green signal’, so these brainy other-planet’s people changed their mind to try over and about China. 

However, one more interesting thing is that, at this hard time of economic crisis, U.S. is suffering a lot, while China’s getting more powerful and rich day by day.  

So the UFO-people decided to be with the rich and powerful one. Here, let us remember the German saying, “It’s better to be rich and healthy than being poor and weak”. So UFO-people just changed their navigation coordinates. 🙂

By the way, if you someday hear the ‘whisper’ that Chinese Military is becoming a highly-advanced tech-savvy army, then expect some UFO sight-seeing on the sky of your neighborhood.


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