7 easy and practical ways to recharge your sex life

So you have been with the love of your life for a few years now and things really cannot get any better for you in terms of your relationship. But even the most loving of all couples go through a phase where they find themselves having lesser and lesser sex. Since a healthy sex life is the key to happiness in a romantic relationship, such a situation warrants immediate attention. However, instead of reaching for the magic blue pill, you should try these holistic, easy and practical ways instead.

1. Take a yoga class together

Yoga may look like hard work but it is actually one of the best known types of workout for couples who want to rekindle the romance. The slow pace, the emphasis on breathing and the stretching, all help calm the mind and body down which is necessary to allow couples to unburden their mind of their daily worries and focus on building intimacy. Since the workout won’t be rigorous, you’d still have enough energy for a hookup while the limberness provided by the stretching will help you experiment as well.

2. A change of scenery

Researchers have found that the reason why people in a new relationship are always rearing for action in the bedroom is more because their sexual desire is activated by the novelty of the experience and not so much because they are so passionately in love. For couples that have been together for some time, the novelty factor may be ebbing. Since it isn’t practical to try and spice up your sex life with more novel positions especially if you are past a certain age, it might be a better idea to introduce a change of scenery. Weekend getaways at cozy B&Bs, overnight stays at hotels and even bedroom makeovers and camping in the backyard allow couples to view each other and their time together in a new light which automatically triggers their craving for lovin’!

3. Sweat matters

Here’s a gross mood-booster that you didn’t know about- sweat. Studies claim that the sweat of a male partner can actually boost the hormone levels in women and get them in the mood for nooky. Thus, a post-workout hug from their partner works as a great libido booster for ladies though if you find that gross, you can always suggest a hot shower as the sweat glands would be still be activated by the hot water and you won’t have to worry about germs or BO!

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

4. Eat a fruit salad

A drink or a rick, sugary dessert might satisfy your taste buds but these sinful foods do nothing for your libido. However, a fruit salad with pomegranates, bananas, mangos and kiwis could do wonders for your sex life. These fruits are loaded with antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin E all of which increase blood flow all over the body making you feel energetic while boosting muscle strength and providing you with mood enhancing antioxidants.

5. Read erotica

The difference between reading erotica and the more hardcore visual stuff available online is that the latter takes away the anticipation and bombards you with stimulation boosting images right away. While this is great if you’re looking to go solo, it does nothing for couples looking to rekindle the x-factor. In fact, their relationship would be better off if either or both partners spent a few minutes reading erotica instead as it helps boost their imagination which as we know is the key to good nooky!

6. Surround yourself with your partner’s pictures

A recent study suggest that the area responsibly for the production of libido enhancing chemical dopamine can be triggered by looking at a photo of your partner for around 30 seconds. If you’re having a hard time getting your groove back, surround yourself with the best shots of your mate or better yet, spend some time organizing your online photo albums- the trip down memory lane might help you want to recreate a memorable romp from the past!

7. Wear sexy lingerie through the day

If you think wearing your sexy lingerie just before a nooky session would put both of you in the mood, you’re sadly mistaken. However, if you wear your good garter and lacy negligee through the day, your brain would be ticking with anticipation, slowly getting you in the mood and pushing you to send naughty texts to your partner through the day.

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